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  1. ilan

    Asus Prime Z370-A and Z370-A mark II

    Did you notice Asus is selling a mark II? I don't really know what are the differences, reading the two specs. I ordered a Z370-A 10 days ago but they are out of stock, so I will only get it mid January. Should I ordered the mark II instead? :crazy:
  2. ilan

    Help - i7-8700K - Intel M.2 - RX 560 - Which mobo for Thunderbolt Audio Interface

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this, so I hope I'm posting at the right place and that I won't forget anything. I'm building a new machine for my music recording space and it will be my first hackintosh. I already got all the following parts and I noticed later that I didn't have the possibility to use...