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  1. dirtwegy


    Hi, it started with me losing my CMOS, how it was corrupt I don't know, anyhow I finally got it working again. I then made a USB of El Captain and booted up, got an install on a new HD, great, put on multi beast as seen in the photo. Then restarted and all I get was apple logo, and this was...
  2. dirtwegy


    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help. I decided to load Mojave on a SSD, put in my USB UniBeast Installer and start the computer. When Gigabyte logo appeared, I press F12 to load optimum default, but the BIOS doesn't appear. Instead it goes to Clover saying loading install. So I press enter and the...
  3. dirtwegy

    No Internet.

    Hi, I turned on the PC this morning but could not get on the net, tried all sorts but nothing work, has anyone had this prob, do let me know if you have ever have and what you did to get back on the net, thanks.
  4. dirtwegy

    [Solved] High Sierra MultiBeast Graphics Choice?

    Hi, this must be a weird question...What graphics config should I put on MultiBeast when putting internal graphics using MultiBeast, HD 3000 HD 5xx HD 6xx. I will be using i7 7700 CPU. Thanks.
  5. dirtwegy

    Sierra Facetime.

    Hi, I've got sierra up and running, I put a fake SmUUID, Board ID and Board Serial Number through Clover into config. plist, and sign in to FaceTime and a message comes up saying, I must get in touch with customer support before I can sign in, and a telephone number in customer support -...
  6. dirtwegy


    Hi, I've D/L vlc on to El Captain, when I play a video sound only and it's show no picture, anyone have that trouble?
  7. dirtwegy

    Real Mac.

    Hi, does anyone know, and if so, how you bring ROM and MBL up on a Mac, cheers.
  8. dirtwegy


    Hi, every thing was alright on the internet and FaceTime, but all of a sudden it is saying that, Keychain can't be found in store. I don't remember pushing anything, does anyone know what's to do, thanks.
  9. dirtwegy

    Interruption Facetime.

    Hi, I have FaceTime working, but after 3mins it becomes disconnected then it reconnects again, this goes on all the time. Has anyone got any ideas what it could be, I am unable to find anything myself, thanks.
  10. dirtwegy


    Hi, does anyone here have an ethernet cable connected to there hackintosh and is able to get Facetime. Thanks.
  11. dirtwegy


    Hi to you all, does anyone here have Facebook FaceTime running in Yosemite or El Capt. If so how is it done, I am unable to use it, I can sign in but thats all, help needed, thanks. I sorry I meant FaceTime!! cheers.
  12. dirtwegy


    Hi, I have a GA-Z87X-UD5H, i7 cpu, 16Gb mem and 250Gb SSD. I was changing a film I have on the PC from a MPG to a MKV, I do this if the file is over 6Gb as the MPG will not play on the TV from external HD, it only plays MKV. So I convert the file using Xilisoft Video Converter, only 50% through...
  13. dirtwegy

    [SOLVED] HW Monitor.

    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get HW Monitor from to put into El Captain with Clover, cheers.
  14. dirtwegy

    Audio is there and then not.

    Hi, my audio has gone weird since I laid everything out in a new case, The audio is working but every 6 seconds goes quite for 1 second and is good for 6 second and goes quite again. I thought it might be the driver, so redid the audio ACL 989, but it occurred again, then I thought it may be the...
  15. dirtwegy

    Yose installed but after a month.

    Hi, installed yose and everything was working except, every time I booted it would take two or three times, as every thing looked fine but I went to move the mouse and all had frozen, anyhow after the second or so reboot the mouse worked fine, and did so until I shut down. Then every so often...
  16. dirtwegy

    No shutdown and no sound.

    Hi, i'v installed Yosemite on GA-Z87X-UD4H and Intel i7 4471, all went well, but no sound although I choose the correct ALC898, and when shutting down the monitor switches off and the Mobo carries on as if nothing has happened, I have to switch it off bye the switch, does any one know the probs...
  17. dirtwegy

    Security Update.

    Is it ok to install Security Update 2015-001 1.0.
  18. dirtwegy

    Does anyone have the same problem.

    Hi, I have yosemite but are having problems with toast titanium, it has taken 6hrs to encode a film to burn to DVD, I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, also when it burned the film which took 6mins, the film was unseeable, thanks.
  19. dirtwegy

    Yosemite on Z68X.

    Hi, after installing Yose on my PC, I have to use my password every time I boot in. Is this normal? dirtwegy.
  20. dirtwegy


    Hi, it seems i've done something wrong on mavericks, when I now start it up, it comes up with Error. Is there anything I can do, thanks.