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  1. lynd25

    Stuck at clover and can’t boot into High Sierra

    I’m trying to install High Sierra but can’t boot into it from Clover. Ive attached verbose screen shots from where my system reboots. Is there a setting I need to change? Help much appreciated.
  2. lynd25

    Boot FileVault Prebooter from Preboot and Boot macOS Install Prebooter from Preboot

    I have upgraded to Mojhave but on booting into Clover my options are “Boot FileVault Prebooter from Preboot” or “Boot macOS Install Prebooter from Preboot”. The first option loads Mojhave albeit without WiFi support. The second option just just reboots back to Clover. How do I get read of these...
  3. lynd25

    TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Not working in Mojhave

    Please can anybody advise how to get TP-LINK TL-WN881ND WiFi card working under Mojhave. I have added IO80211family.kext to S/L/E via kext beast and rebooted. Still showing no hardware installed.
  4. lynd25

    CPU Multiplier intermitantly dropping

    I have a water cooled kraken x52 i7 8700k set in the BIOS as all core multiplier 50 and voltage in offset mode at 120mV. Stress testing in windows kept below 70C. However in OSX High Sierra HW Monitor, CPU multiplier keeps dropping from x50 to x 8 on idle. Is this normal ? Haven't changed any...
  5. lynd25

    Creating a bootable USB post-installation

    Hi, I've got a working bootable HDD for High Sierra but my USB drive has broken. How would I create a new bootable USB using the existing installation? Having done many changes, I don't want to go back to a 'vanilla' installation
  6. lynd25

    5.1 Suround Sound on Asrock Z370M Extreme4 Volume control

    OK, I got my 5.1 surround sound working in High Sierra after following: In Audio Midi setup, all 6 speakers are working. However I do not have control of the volume in OSX for some weird reason...
  7. lynd25

    Audio not working in High Sierra 10.13.4

    I followed these instructions... 200/300 Intel Motherboard Series Restart, see MultiBeast Audio Failure [Solved] MultiBeast > Drivers > Audio > RealtekALCxxx √ ALCxxx (Valid: ALC887/887B, ALC892, ALC1150, ALC1220,ALC1220A) √ 100 / 200 / 300 Series Audio √ 200 / 300 Series / X299 Audio Device...
  8. lynd25

    [Solved] Mac OS X High Sierra installation stalled. Help for newbie please!

    Hi, Please can anybody help. I've been trying for a couple of days using unibeast to install High Sierra 10.13.4 UEFI Settings: Set to Optimized Defaults Disable SuperIO parallel and serial ports Disable CSM Enable XHCI Handoff (USB) Check that AHCI is enabled XMP profile 1 Booted up as far...