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  1. Simon70

    Catalina 10.14.4 crash on wake up

    I'm still trying to figure out if it depends on other recently installed software, but in the meantime I wonder if anyone has had the same experience. It had never happened from 10.14.3 to 10.15.3 including all the beta of 10.15 It doesn't always happen, but often. Thanks in advance for any...
  2. Simon70

    Audio setup difficulty in Catalina 10.15.3

    How can I output 5.1 channel dolby digital audio from the optical output of the motherboard? My audio driver installed in the EFI is AppleALC.kext - ver: 1.4.5 (with Lilu and WEG last versions) and nothing else. At the moment I can only listen to the audio in 2 channels from the optical output...
  3. Simon70

    Info for build...

    Hello everyone Does the MB ASUS TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING (WI-FI) have Wi-Fi running native for hackintos? Is it possible to make a hack with this MB and an i7 8700K or are there too many problems to solve? Thank you
  4. Simon70

    Current functionality of MSI Radeon VII on Catalina

    Hello everyone I have the opportunity to take an MSI Radeon VII in a facilitated way, but I am not informed in detail on how this card is received and exploited in the current 10.15.x. I looked for information on the internet and obviously also here, but I drew a somewhat confused picture from...
  5. Simon70

    Help Hardware compatibility with Catalina

    Hello everyone Very narrow question: is the following hardware 100% compatible with Catalina? (Unibeast Mojave installation and subsequent upgrade to Catalina). If there are particular things to consider, I would be grateful to anyone who listed them to me. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD...
  6. Simon70

    localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: ?

    Mojave version 10.14.6 full update (18G103). I've never had problems with sleep before, but for a few days, as soon as the PC goes to sleep it wakes up. I used the command: log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason" and the result is the one in the thread title. Can anyone help me? Thanks...
  7. Simon70

    Selection of audio outputs and relative equalization.

    I state that I have a very precise sound monitor system that is sensitive to equalization variations. I am practically always at the PC using headphones, picking up the audio signal from the 3.5mm jack port on the case and in the headphones the bass emphasis is much better supported (even when...
  8. Simon70

    No AirPlay after last update (18G87)

    After the last update of Mojave (macOS 10.14.6 (18G87)), AirPlay is not active and when it is called to work, for example in iTunes it returns an error defined as unknown and indicated with the code: (-15000). In all previous updates it has always worked perfectly. Other features like AirDrop or...
  9. Simon70


    Who tried and managed to make Sidecar work on iPad and hackintosh? What version of beta? Which iPad model? What wi-fi connection speed is required? Does it also work with the USB connection?
  10. Simon70

    FENVI FV-T919 difference in speed

    I have two SSDs, one with 10.14.5 and one with 10.15 that I use as tests and trials. The card for radio services is the one in the title, known to everyone here, I think. In a direct comparison with an online speed test I was able to find (in many tests carried out) a clear difference in speed...
  11. Simon70

    Catalina Wi-Fi synchronization

    Does device (iPhone, iPad) synchronization via wi-fi still work in Catalina? If yes, what are the settings to activate it. Thank you