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  1. IvanPistoff

    Random Application Crashes after 10.13.5 update

    Hello, my system was running great up until the 10.13.5 update. Now I get random application crashes. Usually the web browser but any application really. It's happened with Firefox, iTunes, Microsoft Excel, Minecraft, etc... and 3 times now the machine has just up and rebooted. Any help...
  2. IvanPistoff

    [SOLVED - Duet Display Problem] Dock transparency after 10.13.3 Supp Update

    A minor annoyance but I noticed the dock transparency changed after the update to 10.13.3 Supplemental. It's now a solid grey. I was able to find the setting at System Preferences - Accessibility - Display - Reduce transparency. Its checked and if I uncheck it goes back to normal but it does...
  3. IvanPistoff

    [SOLVED] Panic on 10.13.3 Supplemental Update

    I'm not getting anywhere applying the 10.3.3 supplemental update. I noticed clover has defaulted to a boot entry titled, "Boot macOS Install from System" (System being the name of my boot disk). If I start that, the machine starts to boot then panics and reboots. If I select the original boot...
  4. IvanPistoff

    HWmonitor not showing NVME SSD

    Should my NVME SSD drive show up in HWMonitor? My other drives a SATA SSD and SATA spindle disk both show up. I was hoping to monitor the temperature of my newly installed Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB.
  5. IvanPistoff

    Z97-HD3 "Hot Swap" not working after upgrade to El Capitan

    Hey guys, I had been running Mavericks on my Z97-HD3 with no problems. I just decided to try upgrading to El Capitan. The actual install went super smooth just following some of the success threads here. I just have one little annoyance I am hoping someone could help me with. I have a...
  6. IvanPistoff

    VMware Fusion 7 on Yosemite - Slow and Freezing.

    Is anyone else using Fusion on Yosemite? I recently upgrade Mavericks to Yosemite. After the upgrade Fusion 5 was hosed and wouldn't launch. I upgraded to Fusion 7. Now fusion will launch but starting the guest OSes causes issues. My windows XP guests run slow and cause the host to run...
  7. IvanPistoff

    Upgraded to Mavericks - Youtube no longer working

    Went from Mountian Lion to Mavericks now youtube just displays a black screen. Any ideas?
  8. IvanPistoff

    USB Sound not working after Mavericks upgrade

    It worked fine in ML OOB but now after upgrading to Mavericks it does not even show up an an available device.
  9. IvanPistoff

    Dell Optiplex 790 panic

    First off I couldn't even run the installer without giving it the -x -v flags. Then the install completed. Booted back into ML and ran Multibeast. Then tried to boot into the new Mavericks install and I get the attached panic screen. If I give it the -x -v flags it will boot into Mavericks...
  10. IvanPistoff

    Burning data to Bluray?

    I apologize if this has been answered. I did do some searching before posting. I have an LG Bluray model: BH12LS35 I am interested in burning data not video. I just want to be able to use it for backups. I understand OSX doesn't natively support bluray. I've read that some programs like...
  11. IvanPistoff

    VPN and DNS issue

    Hello, I've recently built a new hackintosh system and its working really well so far but I'm having one issue that really bugs me. I've setup a VPN connection to my work and I am able to connect no problem. However, I cannot make DNS queries to my work DNS server. I can connect to resources...
  12. IvanPistoff

    Buying a laptop - Most compatible?

    Hey everyone, My situation is that my work is offering to buy me a new laptop BUT Apple products are a big no no around here. Any other brands aren't a problem. So I'm searching for the most mac compatible laptop I can use to spite them with. I've put OSX on a few desktops so I have a little...