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  1. emiellr

    Sierra on Optiplex 760 E8400 gt730

    Hi all! I'm going to get started on my optiplex again because of some stupid mistake I made last time it broke everything, so I have to get to work again. As I'm installing again, I might as well install the newest (Sierra) to keep it updated for a while. Has anyone got this pc on the road...
  2. emiellr

    Stuck at boot logo

    Hi all, I've recently installed OS X on my dell 760 tower. Sound, ethernet, video and such works, but at boot it freezes. I don't really know what to do at this stage... I guess I installed a wrong kext or something. Here is a screen from the freeze in verbose mode. It stops at FakeSMC
  3. emiellr

    Can't login to iCloud, App Store, iMessage and Facetime

    Hi all, I installed mountain lion a few days ago, and i finally got it (almost) running with no trouble, except for the app store and such. I have tried some methods like removing chameleon boot.plist, removing NetworkInterfaces.plist, checking if en0 was set to that... said short: could...
  4. emiellr

    Making a DSDT

    Hi all i recently installed mountain lion and it only boots in safe boot. I'm using easybeast for now but i know for a fact that that's not working for me. someone already suggested to make a custom DSDT. I have NO CLUE on how to make such a thing... i'm running a dell optiplex 760 tower and...
  5. emiellr

    Won't boot

    hi all, I have installed osx Mountain Lion on my dell 760 tower, but i can't boot normal. It prompts me to restart the system. I need to "safe boot" in order to come into the os. i have tried to boot with -v, and i'll add some pics of the result. I can't figure out whats wrong, because I never...
  6. emiellr

    Kernal panic

    Hi, I recently removed windows 7 and installed osx mountain lion with the intructions provided bij tonymacx86. but when i boot i get prompted to reboot the system. and when i boot in verbose mode i see a kernal panic. btw im writing this on my system in "safe boot". can anyone help me?
  7. emiellr

    Graphics for GT 630

    Hi all, I recently removed windows 7 and installed OSX on my dell 760 tower. Everything went just fine and all, but everything is so choppy. The drivers for my gt 630 aren't working, but Tony said it works out of box. Unfortunately that doesn't apply to me... plz help me. if you need...