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  1. sebus

    AMD Radeon R5 340X OEM Mojave?

    It is Oland XT - So "it should" work, but I can only get 7Mb VRAM & no acceleration, no matter what. Anybody has any ideas? sebus
  2. sebus

    Solved > Can't boot to 10.14.4 update

    I have Mojave 10.14.2 USB install stick from which I can boot (as it was used for install) on Lenovo Thinkcentre M73. And 10.14.2 works without any major issues! But 10.14.4 update will not boot, it gets stuck on It is using the same Clover config.plist (as it is one of the boot options)...
  3. sebus

    USB2 Mouse stops working while USB3 dev plugged to adjacent port

    Lenovo Thinkcenter M73, Mojave 10.14.2, Haswell i3-4130 (as per signature). Intel H81 Express Chipset, device 8086:8xxx 2 ports on the back are USB3 & they are adjacent to USB2 ports. Mouse/keybaord dongle is plugged to USB2 port (HS09). If I do plug in USB3 stick in SS02 port, dongle stops...
  4. sebus

    Dell Optiplex 3046 HS - powers on when USB plugged in

    I have OP3046 working fine, but one quirk: if I have machine in power OFF state and I plug in (or pull out) USB mouse/keyboard it powers ON Ideally I would prefer if it did none of that. Any help appreciated ioreg, kextstat, clover attached sebus
  5. sebus

    [solved] Goes to sleep but on attempted wake up all power is cut off completly

    Trying to perfect Lenovo Thinkcentre M800 desktop with Sierra 10.12.6 Only sleep gives me troubles. Using generated SSDT.aml (and NO NullCPUPowerManagement) as per Deepak's [Guide] Native Power Management for Hackintosh and How to Generate/Create SSDT Machine goes to sleep, power button light...
  6. sebus

    Getting Sierra 10.12.6 on Lenovo Thinkcentre M800 M900

    M800 has: Core i5-6400 HD530 - gave up on HD530 in the end & went with MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1030 (which works on stock 210W FSP210-20TGBBA PSU - there is no easy way to replace the PSU as it is ODD custom size TFX 81.5(W) X 150(L) X 65(H) mm - only custom job PSU would be an option) -...
  7. sebus

    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card (slim) for Mac Sierra

    Any recommendation for a card that works with Sierra? I only have 2 SATA ports onboard (used for 2 HDs) I need to connect DVDRW, so on SATA card would be fine sebus
  8. sebus

    Any DVB-T software for Mac to use 048d:9135 Zolid Mini DVB-T Stick Version 1

    DVB-T hardware (Europe) - watch TV on Mac 048d:9135 Zolid Mini DVB-T Stick Version 1 That device will work on Windows, Linux, Openelec on Raspberry Pi, but never managed to find any software for Mac that allows reception of DVB-T Anybody has any pointers? Thanks sebus
  9. sebus

    Y on Optiplex 3020?

    [SOLVED] El Capitan works perfectly fine as per thread in Dell Desktops on forum at o_s_x_l_a_t_i_t_u_d_e Anybody had any success with Optiplex 3020? All I get is this during the boot (without any dsdt): sebus
  10. sebus

    Looping initial Welcome Screen

    No matter what (tried it 3 times), initial Welcome Screen does not get to create user accounts. It just restarts itself after "This computer does not connect to Internet step" So tried to enable root like per this or/and this But it seems that it might not be working on 10.10 (no matter...
  11. sebus

    Optiplex 780 / nVidia 210 sleep

    OP 780 BIOS A15 with Intel Q8200 & 12Gb RAM , LOW PROFILE nVidia GeForce 210 HDMI, 10.9.5 fully working with 5 kexts only & Chimera bootloader, GraphicsEnabler=Yes Video signal never comes back from sleep. Machine is UP (can remote control it), but monitor stays blank. Any ideas...
  12. sebus

    4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14:ROM: random on every reboot

    So ofcourse there is no chance to get iMessage or Fecetime working FileNVRAM 1.1.3 is used with Chimera 3.0.1 On each reboot I get different value Anybody has an idea how to make it "stay"? sebus
  13. sebus

    Vostro 3560?

    Vostro 3560, all USB 3 ports I can boot from MB USB & during the setup external mouse/keyboard works. But once ML is installed & reboots to setup, I can no longer get any mouse keyboard working (not internal, not external) Error relates to AppleUSBXHCI...
  14. sebus

    Lenovo SK-8815 with ML?

    This one: Multimedia keys work fine in OS (volume up/down/mute), other keys in VLC are also fine USB2 hub works fine (connected to USB3 port on Z77N-Wifi) for storage devices as well Any idea if the other keys could be...
  15. sebus

    UPEK TouchChip TCRU1C with Mac OS X ?

    UPEK TouchChip TCRU1C with Mac OS (use Eikon TrueMe instead) It is supposed to be supported by Mac OS X But latest TrueSuite does not see it, so I wonder how to actually use it with Mac (works OK as biometrics device in Win7) Product ID: 0x2015 Vendor ID: 0x0483...
  16. sebus

    Any USB adapter with WoL that works with ML

    Something like: Anybody tried USB adapter that would do WoL with Mountain Lion? I have GA-Z77N-Wifi which by (c**p) design does not have WoL So USB adapter would be...