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  1. Macbooky

    [solved] Bluetooth on Bcm4352Z not working / Mojave

    I need some help getting bluets running on my Mojave 10.14.1 install. I have built the system for a friend and wanted to throw my old Bcm4352Z in there. Wifi works great, but I can for the love of god not get bluetooth running. I3-8100 Asrock H310M-itx UHD630 USBinjectall has been installed...
  2. Macbooky

    Do I need Kext?

    Just rebuild my systeem using Mojave and after the installation I found I only reed FakeSMC.kext. i5-8400 without iGPU (I broke it a few months ago :( ) Saphire RX 560 2Gb GA-Z370M DS3H mATX board BCM943060 Wifi/BT PCIcard USB Audio dongle All these work out of the box. Is this correct? All my...
  3. Macbooky

    G41M Q6600 2600 XT seen as Ati 4330 M 5 Mb

    A new thread seemed better. Discovering that GT 1030 will not run under El Capitan I have to find a way to make my old sapphire Radeon 2600 XT work. It's not a Mac version but a windows version .. Als mentioned in the title it is seen a Raedon 4330 M with only 5 Mb .. does anyone have any idea...
  4. Macbooky

    G41 Combo / Q6600 Nvidia GT 1030 drivers won't load

    Hi, I converting a friends son's computer into a Hackintosh but can't seem to get the Nvidia webvdriver to work. The system is up & running but at 1024 :thumbdown and without acceleration. Since it's quite an old system, I don't have much experience with it. I'm running El Capitan, latest, but...
  5. Macbooky

    [UPDATE][SUCCESS] Macbooky's Coffee Lake Mini - Z370M-itx - i5-8400 - UHD630

    Macbooky's Coffee Lake Mini - Z370M-itx - Core i5-8400 - UHD630 Components Asrock Z370M-ITX/AC Motherboard with dual HDMI and Display Port 1.2
  6. Macbooky

    i3-8100 graphical issues in Sierra and High Sierra

    After seeing a good deal last Friday ;) I thought I'd bite the bullet and upgrade to Coffee Lake. I got an i3-8100 and an Asrock Z370M-itx board. After building it I was happy to see everything working out of the box, meaning it got to my 4K resolution straight away. Except! No acceleration on...
  7. Macbooky

    How to get rid of High Sierra installer

    Hi, tried upgrading to High Sierra on my other system as well, but it gets stuck .... I can still boot in to 10.12 though, so I think I will stick to 10:12. However every time I boot the macOS Install High Sierra option is still in Clover boot. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of that?
  8. Macbooky

    [Solved] iGPU or dedicated graphics card (GT 1030)

    Hi, One of my builds, based on a Freedom Mac mini like case, is running of the iGPU. However I is a nightmare with Safari constantly crashing and Youtube and Spotify running simultaneously is not even in question. When I run it on Win 10 all works fine. So my question is: will a dedicated GPU...
  9. Macbooky

    Safari keep crashing randomly

    Hi, I'm struggling with getting my system stable. Since the start of the build Safari keeps randomly crashing and others browsers as well. I don't know whether it is software of hardware related. I use the HD530 onboard graphics. I have excluded the motherboard as the problem, because I have...
  10. Macbooky

    CPU Heatsink at 118 degrees C??

    Hi Need a little hand. After reinstalling my system and checking hardware monitor I get an overheating heatsink alert. Now on touching it (I'm adventurous ) it is nowhere near 118 c and the rest of the readings show no issue either. Is it just a glitch? Asus Z97-K i5-4460 Noctua NH-9Li 8...
  11. Macbooky

    Sound syncing issues in Safari but not in Chrome

    Hi Perhaps someone here knows the answer: I have been having a hard time getting sound to work on my system to the point where I'm thinking about getting a new motherboard. My work around is currently using a USB sound card, however something odd happens. When I play a video from Safari, my...
  12. Macbooky

    windows bootmanager stole my UEFI boot option

    Hi, I completely messed up my OSX Yosemite install by trying out win10 preview. That created a windows bootmanager instead of a UEFI partition. The clover EFI is still in there but there is no UEFI option in my boot options .... i hope someone can help me kill Win10 bootmanager and revive my...
  13. Macbooky

    HDMI video not working -HD7970xt2

    Hi Perhaps someone can help me? Both my Display and DVI port work fine on my Hackintosh. However as soon as I boot up through HDMI it fails after the Clover boot loader and the first OSX loading screen ... the monitor just turns itself off. rather weird and I would prefer HDMI because of the...
  14. Macbooky

    Has anyone gotten audio after sleep to work on a Z97 series board?

    Currently running a Z97-k with ALC 887 v203 but it sound after sleep does not work, no matter what install method I use (MB, Clover, Toleda audio injection).
  15. Macbooky

    Z97-k i5 4430 HD7970xt2 (semi-stable)

    Z97-k i5 4430 HD7970xt2 Stable MacBooky's Build: Core i5-4460 - Asus Z97-K - 8GB DDR 1600 RAM -HD 7970xt2 The above Yosemite install is running quite well on UniBeast and Multibeast, basically straight out of the box. In Multibeast I installed the related 8111 network driver and the realtek...