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  1. pabloesco

    HD4000 Graphics Support on Samsung NP530U4C

    im sorry the software i made referance is only an kidlike script to help ppl get clover / config.plist easy way. Because , when you new to Clover is kindlike hardy to understand - documentation , and is only a simple Help tool. I already write post it , here 3 months ago.. if is o problem ...
  2. pabloesco

    HD4000 Graphics Support on Samsung NP530U4C

    you can try my config.plist , for the future edits on config , use Vietnam tools . that will help you a lot.
  3. pabloesco


    so since my Asus S500CA was in RMA 3 times, now was declared unfixable. so they make me a Trick 699 Euros which i can buy any asus product. I really dont know what to buy, because i will never buy the same Notebook, and never spend more than valute-tricket on an asus product. Any suggestion for...
  4. pabloesco

    I get stuck at grey screen with apple logo after booting

    dude don't copy paste to me from google, \ from windows 7 to 8.1 can only be on NTFS. Mac cannot use FAT , thats why Clover Fat efi partition need to be emulate to be mount. so keep that copy/paste to yourself i don't need it. take a look to my macbook air ... and go buy you too , one. so you...
  5. pabloesco

    I get stuck at grey screen with apple logo after booting

    just to make it clear for you. windows use FAT mac OS X use HFS+ windows can't boot GUID mac os x can't boot MBR if you are try to install mac os on the same drive but on other partition it won't work. hybrid windows will not boot. mac will not boot because your laptop boot EFI/windows hidden...
  6. pabloesco

    Owner of MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011, i7) Needs 2nd Laptop

    yes, i want . sell your current mac pro and buy a new one . thats so simple. no mackintosh can reach 100% fully working like a real mac. for now. anything you do on a PC/Laptop you do with FakeSMC so thats a -1 point.
  7. pabloesco

    [solved] Help : HD WebCam built in for Acer Aspire E1-571

    Help : HD WebCam built in for Acer Aspire E1-571 you don't need to delete anything. read here scroll down on the page -> README.txt
  8. pabloesco

    Samsung NP550p GT650M not working

    IGPEnabler=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No IGPlatformID=01660003 this is for Chimera and for intel hd 4000 1366x 768 laptop and remove gt650m i think.
  9. pabloesco

    Prebuilt Gaming Laptop Platforms?

    i suggest to buy a macbook pro or a mac will work better on windows and don't have to blow your mind trying to get hackingtosh work properly.
  10. pabloesco

    intel hd 4000 problem

    after 2 weeks asus sent me back my laptop after Electro shock all the parts&components now i have MEI Controller but dont have 24GB internal SSD. users never buy asus. grrr.
  11. pabloesco

    Wron laptop 2 times please help me

    well, you can buy MacBook air or Pro so windows and OSx will work better then any Laptop out there.
  12. pabloesco

    Kernel Panic on Vivobook S550CA

    45.70 well this is amazing! in the zip file you have : ACPIBacklight.kext -- for the light fix. rehabman patch dsdt + Rename GFX0 to IGPU and Brightness Fix (HD3000/HD4000)" post #4 ALXEthernet.kext --...
  13. pabloesco

    Kernel Panic on Vivobook S550CA

    well its simple , just install Intel Power gadget.. here is the link extract this and run it (Intel® Power Gadget 3.0 for Mac) , you will see the temp.. and if you nice to post a picture with you CPU idle. for the fn keys here is...
  14. pabloesco

    Kernel Panic on Vivobook S550CA

    hmm, 45 ? are you sure , can you poste a picture ?! and what do you use Chimera or Clover ? patch AppleIntelPowerManagment? do you have ssdt generate ? thanks.
  15. pabloesco

    Kernel Panic on Vivobook S550CA

    no , no i was intersted what is hes normal temp of the CPU. because mine is the same like CPU same notebook with idle temp arou 56 - 60 celsius.
  16. pabloesco

    Kernel Panic on Vivobook S550CA

    Can you please, indicate here what is your normal CPU idle temperature ? thanks n advanced.
  17. pabloesco

    Laptop advice

    yeahh, macbook pro
  18. pabloesco

    Looking for New Laptop that can run MAC OSX and Windows 8

    dont buy asus man , asus RMA is like a Woman without breasts. so stick with hp or lenovo but my opinion is buy a mac mini or a macAir ... you will run mac os and windows 8. better then other PC users.
  19. pabloesco

    Is there something else for elan touch pads?

    here is , its working multtigestures... Remove any existing "ApplePS2Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2Keyboard and old Elan Touchpad" kexts if you have already installed from the HDD '/System/Library/Extensions ', and this is the support for this kext from the maker...