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  1. clinton81

    Bring Back chat

    Its been a while since i been here probly around 2 years bring back the chat it used to be good apart from the pirates.An Tony if u see this drop us a big smiley face in the response lol
  2. clinton81

    gigabyte BXi3-4010 Build

    hi its been a very long time since ive been here but i couldnt leave the BRIX on the shelf as it was so cheap. Any body came across a mouse and key board behaving OK in bios but is very fast at repeating in os X, ie press a key once on keyboard and you get about 5-10 of the same letter
  3. clinton81

    10.8 Installer

    Hi there quick note on the installer if you have a running 10.7.4 rig and cant get the installer to appear then try this cmd as it worked for me PCIRootUID=0
  4. clinton81

    UEFI Bios Change For The Gigabyte Z68 & P67 Motherboards

    Hi people need to bring to you attention about the new release of these gigabyte UEFI Bios as there are alot of problems i have discovered with it. Good points: Faster boot times , Better post screen on boot up ,and it looks nice , no need for dsdt but still need a ssdt Bad points: Voltage...