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  1. rich

    [Solved] Serial Number - Unavailable

    Hi my serial number is showing as unavailable and the Mac model is missing. I have used this serial number for years without issue. My iMessage is currently working fine. Primarily I am concerned about the Mac model not showing and would like to get this fixed. Attached is my EFI. Yes it is...
  2. rich

    [solved] How to combine SSDTs?

    Apologies if covered already, I have tried searching this forum and googling and checking the MaciASL wiki. How can I combine my Sierra USB fix and power management SSDTs? Sierra USB fix SSDT: DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "hack", "EC", 0x00000000) { Device (_SB.EC) { Name...
  3. rich

    Random reboot after installing Clover

    [HELP] Random reboot after installing Clover Hi I am getting a random reboot in Mavericks 10.9.5 once every couple of days and I'm trying to work out why. It started happening after I installed Clover to prepare for Yosemite, which I have installed on my Clone partition and have also...
  4. rich

    Unable to boot into Mavericks - Black screen and CMOS clear

    7870XT full graphics and sleep problems I just upgraded to a 7870XT on my Core i5 750 system (specs <- ) and was able to boot into 10.8 using the sleep trick. Then I installed Mavericks using UniBeast. I had to boot into the installer using GraphicsEnabler=No and -x However, now I when I...
  5. rich

    6870 fan loud since 10.8.3

    I just updated to 10.8.3 and now my 6870 graphics card's fans are a lot louder than in 10.8.2. When the system boots up it is quiet like before, but as soon as it gets to the login screen it is a lot louder, but not full speed. My install was: - Chimera 2.0.1 - Chameleon plist with no flags...
  6. rich

    About this Mac showing wrong CPU frequence

    Why is my About this Mac in Mountain Lion showing 2.8 GHz for my non overlocked 2.66 Core i5 750? If it was overclocked at 2.8 GHz then all would be sweet :D but it's running at 2.66, not 2.8. Tried reseting my BIOS to optimised defaults and it shows 2.66 GHz. Using Chimera and a Mac Pro 3,1...
  7. rich

    No display after wake from sleep

    Recently my display won't work after I wake from sleep, I have to turn off the PC and unplug the PSU for a few seconds to get the display to work. Not sure when this started to happen, maybe after I fiddled with Chameleon or some Extra files, or after 10.7.4. I tried using ATI6000controller...
  8. rich

    System freeze with graphics dump log

    My hack froze and everything became unresponsive and so had to reboot. i then looked in Console and found a huge graphics debug dump like this 8/07/11 2:54:28 kernel ** Device in slot: SLOT--1 ** 8/07/11 2:54:28 kernel ** GPU Debug Info Start ** [large hex dump] 8/07/11 2:54:45 kernel ** GPU...
  9. rich

    Audio artifacts and clock now slow

    Hi just recently my system clock has started to run slow and I get audio artifacts after waking from sleep. I thought it had to do with using Chimera and changed back to the latest Chameleon trunk boot, but it still happens. My system has been running perfectly for ages without these issues...
  10. rich

    Cant reinstall Windows 7 on partition

    Hey I'm wanting to reintsall Windows 7 on my hack as I got a blue screen registry error and couldn't figure out how to fix it. Trying to reinstall it on partition 1 of my second hard drive, where parition 2 is an HFS+ Time Machine partition and its GUID formatted, but when I try to install it...
  11. rich

    Latest Chameleon with embedded theme

    where can i find a place to get the latest Chameleon RC5 with the default embedded theme? i found this ... pic=231075 but im not sure which noe has an embedded theme. 658 does but the latest 699 doesnt.
  12. rich

    How do I make Chameleon load before Grub?

    installed Ubuntu on one of the partitions on my boot drive, but now i am getting the Grub bootloader showing and booting into OS X doesnt work. how do i make Chameleon load before Grub? and also can you boot Ubuntu on ext4 from Chameleon?
  13. rich

    Show card reader in sys profiler hint [10.6.5]

    Just thought I'd show this hint I stumbled across showing how to make your card reader show in System Profiler for 10.6.5, which subsequently gives cards new icons, instead of the generic white ones. ... for-osx86/ Built in SD Card Reader: Vendor ID...
  14. rich

    10.6.5 dev release working

    just a heads up that 10.6.5 build 10H562 (there was a newer build seeded recently) installed on my clone partition is working fine on my hack. my 889a audio, 4870 and Lnx2Mac's ethernet kext are all working fine.
  15. rich


    Hi, my hackintosh which i built in Feb froze, like completely unresponsive, the other day for the first time and im wondering if this is any cause for concern? has anyone experienced this with a stable hack? i had to force reboot it and now all seems to be ok. my MBP which is faulty and never...
  16. rich

    Memory Slot Utility window showing on boot

    I had the Memory Slot Utility popping up each time i booted recently telling me my RAM is correctly installed, which is nice, but annoying. I ended up reseating my RAM (and switched the sticks if it matters) and the window stopped appearing. just thought id share this if it happens to anyone...
  17. rich

    stable hack now panics on boot

    ive had a stable booting hackintosh since the USB boot method, but unfortunately now it doesnt boot after i decided to redo the DSDT, EFI and kexts to correct audio issues and boot speed. when booting i get a panic at from the Google this seems to be a CPU error...
  18. rich

    CPU power saving

    first off thanks for the guides tony :) i have 10.6.2 running quite nicely on my Core i5 desktop. but i think i have an issue with CPU power saving. i have added Speedstep into my DSDT for the i5 and is functioning as indicated by MSR Tools below, but my CPU speed is constantly 100% when idle...