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  1. AdamZeDuck

    Hangs at apple logo and progress bar

    Hello! After recently installing a gtx 750 ti asus, my computer freezes at this screen. I also have a gt 610 I am currently trying but no luck. For both cards I have attempted enabling and disabling the injected drivers. I am using a Pentium g3258 with a fake Cpuid. Please note that the photo...
  2. AdamZeDuck

    [Solved] Sound won't work.

    Hello, I recently installed the public beta of MacOs Sierra. The installer was downloaded last night and the USB was created today so I don't think there has been an additional update since the installer download. Anyway, I can not get sound to work. The output devices in system preferences are...
  3. AdamZeDuck

    Won't boot from HDD

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me with an error I have with a new hackintosh. Mountain lion will work fine but el capitan wont boot.