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  1. Gerard71

    DVD bezel compatible with 4530s

    I'm a little off topic but I did not want to open a topic for it if you get a dvd bezel, it is compatible HP4530S HP COMPAQ DVD CD BEZEL PLASTIC...
  2. Gerard71

    G5 Liquid Cooling Z77X-UP5 TH

    Caution for Canada Mountain Mods Motherboard Tray delivered by UPS with various expenses you will import it costed 120$ CAD !! I have changed the front panel cable mine was without direct contact with the mainboard should have been welded...
  3. Gerard71

    Fusion Drive Hp 4530s

    hello I tried to make a fusion drive on my probook 4530s, I did as well on my other hack following the guide but I am unable to start it, it seems that the bios can not find the system operating is that someone has managed to start a fusion drive without USB?