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  1. Chimiel

    Mouse click not working in Clover 5107 bootscreen

    Hi, The cursor is moving but I can't select any of the Clover 5107 options / drives (mouse wireless and usb connected) The usb connected keyboard is working as it should. Any ideas ? Regards
  2. Chimiel

    Shutdown in Catalina is taking long and log is showing a lot of sandbox errors, is this normal ?

    Hi, Shutdown is taking pretty long. I attached the shutdown log. I'm pretty much a noob and was wondering if someone knows if this log is normal or a potential problem. Kind regards, Chimiel
  3. Chimiel

    Catalina shutdown slow

    Hi, Not really a problem, just wondering; shutdown is taking almost as much time a booting. Shutdown in Mojave was zippy. Is anyone experiencing the same ? Could this have anything to do with moving kexts to Clover/kexts/other or the new structure of Catalina ? Kind regards, Chimiel
  4. Chimiel

    FIXED Stranger Things, Lilu install version 1.4.1 resulting in version 1.3.1

    FIXED; there was a stray Lilu.kext version 1.3.1. in S/L/E. According to Hackintool latest version, this install is resulting backwards in installed Lilu version 1.3.1. Though when I right click on the installed Lilu.kext, object info is telling me it's version 1.4.1 Does anyone knows if...
  5. Chimiel

    10.14.6 Update Wake-up Causes RX580 Fans to Run high

    Hi, I updated to 10.14.6 (SMBIOS 19,1) No issues, but when the computer is sleeping, the RX580 fans are ramping up pretty wild and then returning to 0 rpm for a couple of minutes (still sleeping). In use fans seems to be working ok. I installed latest Lilu 1.3.7 and WhateverGreen 1.3.0 to no...