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  1. Casby

    External USB Mic Cutting In and Out

    I seem to be having a very strange issue that doesn't exist in any other place than on Catalina. I use a Yeti Pro connected by USB for quick meetings and chats. All audio input and output channeled through the Yeti cuts in and out constantly. I've tried using different frequencies in...
  2. Casby

    Solved > DW1830 Bluetooth Issue and BrcmPatchRAM

    So I'm running Catalina with a DW1830 and the WiFi is working as expected but Bluetooth does not work. It doesn't show up in System Preferences or anything. In system profiler, it shows as USB>USB3.0Bus>BCM920703 Bluetooth 4.1. I grabbed the BrcmPatchRAM2 kexts (from rehabman) since I'm...
  3. Casby

    Help Please: Nearly perfect install... but some weird things.

    So, I just recently updated my system from High Sierra to Catalina, it was actually a smoother clean install than High Sierra was at the time. But now I'm having a few small issues that I cannot seem to pinpoint and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've looked at several of the other...
  4. Casby

    ASUS Radeon RX 580 8GB for $299 ($269 after MIR)

    Right now Microcenter has the ASUS Radeon RX 580 8GB for $299 ($269 after MIR). That's the closest RX580 I've seen to MSRP (229 at launch) since the crypto-bubble. I scooped up one last night myself. At this price, I might have to pop in and grab another for a second build.
  5. Casby

    First Build - Asking for a friend (and wisdom)

    Heya folks. I'm finally getting around to actually building my first fresh Hackintosh. I've dabbled in futzing and tooling around with my old 1,1 Mac Pro with some success. But a fresh build of a new rig for the purposes of running OS X is definitely new territory for me. I've built Windows PCs...
  6. Casby

    8th Gen Intel CPUs

    Sooooo... I was just finishing a part list and getting my orders compiled for a new system and I find out that the new 8th Generation of Intel's iCore line is dropping in October. Naturally, I slammed the brakes on my orders in hopes that perhaps these will be supported. And even if not, they'll...