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  1. hamzaom675

    Headphones Don't Work

    My headphones don't work although they show up in the system pref. By don't work i mean there is no sound coming out of them or out of my speakers. When i unplug my headphones the sound works fine from the speakers. I have attached my IOReg and config.plist Any help will be appreciated Oops...
  2. hamzaom675

    How Should i choose SMBIOS?

    What way do i determine what SMBIOS is best for my laptop (I am using a Macbook air 5,2 currently). I would -for the future- like to know how to pick an SMBIOS for a laptop or Desktop. Also can the SMBIOS effect the performance of the machine?
  3. hamzaom675

    Making Script to fix Audio after Update.

    Hi i am making a bash script to fix my audio after an update It downloads my audio kexts (hosted in my dropbox account) then installs them /S/L/E/ i don't know the terminal command for rebuilding kext cache though? can someone help me out please thanks. If you want to use it and don't know how...
  4. hamzaom675

    BCM94352HMB issues

    I can't turn on Wifi It does not let me add Bluetooth in systemprefs/network Also for usb patchs i have the following (in-case its linked): 1. change EHC1 to EH01 (clover config.plist patch) 2. change EHC2 to EH02 (clover config.plist patch) 3. Apply the XOSI fix (clover config.plist patch)...
  5. hamzaom675

    [solved] Can't Patch DSDT

    I have applied the following patch to my DSDT: Remove DSM methods IRQ Fix Layout ’12’ using 28 (0x1C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00) as per patched applehda Brightness Fix (HD 3000/4000) USB_PRW(0x0D) and rename XHC to XHC1 Rename EH1 and EH2 from USB Fixes Guide Now when i come to apply "Rename GFX0 to...
  6. hamzaom675

    Use separate kext for keyboard and trackpad

    Hi can I use a different kext for my trackpad and keyboard. I have an elan trackpad so I will need to use the elan kext but I want to use rehabman's keyboard kext, because his keyboard kext is better then the one that comes with the elan kext.Can this be done? And if so how?
  7. hamzaom675

    BCM94352HMB not working

    I have replaced my old wifi card with a BCM94352HMB, then i followed the steps here: I done the following: BCM94352 requirements: - FakePCIID.kext and...
  8. hamzaom675

    Keep Rebooting Because of Kernel Panic OS X 10.11.0

    I had done some edits to my DSDT then when i rebooted everything was fine for 5 mins until my laptop rebooted then when i re-logged in i saw that my laptop had crashed becuase of an error and the details where: Anonymous UUID: 952ADC2D-86A0-7AFF-BC0B-3B80E93B938C Sat Oct 3 22:25:28...
  9. hamzaom675

    Is there one place where i can download most/all the post install hackintosh tools?

    Hi is there one repo or some website where i can download the most recent versions of all hackintohs tools. I remember seeing one on this forum but i cant find it. Any help would be appreciated :)
  10. hamzaom675

    WD black 2 dual SSD/HDD

    I i want to buy the WD black2 ( It is a 2.5" size HDD that contains a 120gb SSD and a 1TB HDD. How would OS X (El cap or yosemite) compatibility be?
  11. hamzaom675

    Help - Cannot access BIOS!

    I have just had to erase my entire internal hard drive (for personal reasons) and then i installed windows 8.1 pro. after that i plugged in my clover usb and that when i realised that i can not enter the bios... (i have almost broke my f2 key the amount if times i have bashed it) I tried loads...
  12. hamzaom675

    Help replacing wifi card on my Hackintosh (CLOVER) (OS X 10.10.2)

    I want to replace my wifi/bluetooth card for one that supports Handsoff and Coninuity. I looked at this thread ( and the prossess for replacing cards in desktop. But i was wondering...
  13. hamzaom675

    Help enabling hands-off on my Hackintosh (CLOVER) (OS X 10.10.2)

    I would like to enable the hands-off feature on my Acer aspire hackintosh and that is not possible via Ethernet (as far as i know) so i would need WiFi and Bluetooth and as my WiFi/Bluetooth card is not supported i am left with two options: 1. Replace my WiFi/Bluetooth card (long an kinda...
  14. hamzaom675

    Help with post installation Yosemite acer-aspire v5-571p clover

    OK so i have just installed os x yosemite using clover now i have installed clover to my hdd and i was wondering how do i install kexts? do i just put them in the EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/OTHER? I have done it. Kexts are placed in EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/10.10
  15. hamzaom675

    OS X Yosemite is laggy...

    Read post #3
  16. hamzaom675

    How many installations do I get from the OS X Snow Lepord installation disk

    I am thinking of buying the retail OS X snow Lepord. How many times could I install os x with that same disk is it once then I will need a new cd? Or can I use it for more then one of my pc?
  17. hamzaom675

    Computer does not let me boot from Unibeast USB

    I have a unibeast usb with os x yosemite on it and when i click what device to boot from i chose the USB HDD (the only one in my laptop) and then i get a black screen and i go back to the select boot device menu. I have also tried making it the number one boot device but that just says no...
  18. hamzaom675

    Will this run os x yosemite windows 8.1 and ubuntu smoothly?

    I want to make a hackintosh, that i will use for everything from school to gaming to watching movies. So i will want to dual or maby even triple boot windows os x and ubuntu in this build. Here are my components: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: MSI Z97-GAMING 7...
  19. hamzaom675

    Yosemite installer won't boot-Acer Aspire V5-571P-stuck at [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- comp

    Hey there i have just made a Yosemite unibeast usb installer and i have tried to boot but it gets stuck at : stuck at [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed i have tried using the -x dart=0 boot flags but i still can't boot and i have looked and people have said to disable vT-d in the...
  20. hamzaom675

    I Need To Use -x bootflag for my intel HD4000

    IS there anyway for me to change my HD4000 VRAM from 128 to something supported but I don't have the option in my bios? any help please is appreciated Also any way for me to make my sound work? By the way i am a noob :banghead: