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  1. poljaap

    problem with on-off switch

    Guys, i'm reassembling my G5 but i ran into a problem. When i press the switch, the PC switches on, but it's like it "keeps pressing", after a few seconds the PC turns of. Also, the switch doesn't give me a real 'click' feedback... Someone have this before? Maybe solutions? I have a Max. VIII...
  2. poljaap

    Need advice on metalword: how to avoid or remove "Burr"

    I'm going to need your advice again. I'm working on my G5, while thinking ahead. For CPU cooling i'll be using a AIO watercooling set from NZXT. I want to mount the radiator on top of the case, but i'll need a way to vent the hot air. I'm thinking of drilling a lot of 3mm holes on top of the...
  3. poljaap

    Soldering tutorials

    For anyone starting with soldering, check out these great tuturials: Part 1: about tools, solder etc. Part 2: soldering and desoldering Part 3: soldering surface mounted
  4. poljaap

    Jaap's G5 Mod

    So, i'll be sharing my G5 mod. I'm going to keep it as clean and original as possible. As such, it won't be really special, but since you all have been inspiring and a source of information, i'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm not going very fast, i really don't want to mess it up, so...
  5. poljaap

    Fan Y-cable or just soldering

    Hello guys, I'm ordering 2 new, silent fans for the original rear fan assembly of the G5. I want just one cable running to the motherboard. Does a y-splitter something special with the PWM signal or something or can i just cut of the connectors and solder the wires together?
  6. poljaap

    What Would You Buy: Skylake or trusty 4790K?

    So i'm new to Hackintosh. I'm running Win10 happily now, but i'd like to go OSX on my terms (hardware) and run Win10 alongside in dualboot. At the moment i'm running my trusty Core 2 Quad Q9400 which is getting a little obsolete. I'm now modding a G5 case to fit my new system. I'm taking my...
  7. poljaap

    G5 mod with regular atx-case + watercooling

    Hello guys, I'm planning my first G5 tot ATX mod. Very early, i'm just drawing and looking around this forum. I have two questions. I want to strip the back and side of an regular atx-case and fix it in the G5. I couldn't find a thread where someone posted such a build, but i can't imagine i...