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  1. jimihat

    [Solved] Screen goes black after boot - monitor power cycle sometimes fixes

    Hi All I reported this problem with an old install but never did get to the bottom of it, rather than rehash that thread I thought it best to start again as my hardware is new. I have a Gigabyte Z270x-Gaming 5, I7-7700k, 32GB RAM, PNY 980 Ti 6GB Graphics. I connect to the monitor with a...
  2. jimihat

    Gigabyte Z270 Gaming K3 / i7-7700k - thoughts?

    Hi Folks I'm about to order my bits and pieces for a build but just wanted thoughts really and any concerns you may have regarding compatability. I want the easiest possible install as I'm inexperienced with the tinkering and dont have a ton of spare time. The PC will be made with a mix of...
  3. jimihat

    Monitor needs power cycle after boot up

    Hi All I've just installed Sierra and its pretty much working perfectly now. One very odd thing is that when the system boots my monitor is black, if I switch it off then back on again I'm at the login page. I'm hoping this is an easy issue to fix, it's not the end of the world but it would be...
  4. jimihat

    Dual boot Windows/Sierra with Windows as default, UEFI?

    Hi All I'm looking to install Sierra and Windows 10 on 2 separate SSD's but have no idea whatsoever about UEFI etc. I currently am running Windows and Yosemite and just hit F12 and startup to choose the OSX drive if I want to use the Mac, this then goes into chameleon before loading Yosemite...
  5. jimihat

    3770k, Z77X-UD5H, GTX 980 Ti - Issues with Unibeast

    Hi All Please stay with me here, I'm no expert on these matters so excuse any idiotic mistakes on my part. Right now... I currently 3770k, Z77X-UD5H, GTX 770, 32GB RAM running Windows 10 on my primary SSD, and Yosemite on a secondary SSD (chameleon bootloader for the Yosemite drive). The...
  6. jimihat

    Dualboot Windows 8.1 Pro with Mac OS X Yosemite - GA-Z77X-UD5H

    Hi Guys Any tips for doing a dual boot 8.1 with Yosemite? I have two SSD's so would run each OS from it's own disc. Any hints/tips much appreciated :)
  7. jimihat

    Tried to update via App Store - bad idea! Z77X-UD5H

    :oops: Bad times...any help greatfully recieved. ok, so I tried to update via the App Store Update rather than do a fresh install. I had only just installed Mavericks fairly recently and haven't done much on the Mac since so haven't bithered to back up. I downloaded the update, it worked its...
  8. jimihat

    Triple Boot Questions OSX / WIN 7/ WIN 8 - Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H

    Hi Guys My current setup is noted below, when I switch on the PC I have a Multibeast/Chameleon menu. This boots directly to OSX if left alone, with option to boot into Win 7. I'm now going to add a 3rd SSD, this will run Windows 8.1 and will become my main boot drive. I'll keep Win 7 on the...