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  1. ucupsz

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    it's a bit different case with mine. i just installed a week ago with following gears: - Gigabyte GA-H77N-Wifi (mini itx mobo) - intel i7 3770k - gigabyte R9 380 4GB RAM at first, i have to install osx Yosemite using intel HD4000, then when everything set-up okay, i switch to R9 380 and...
  2. ucupsz

    No sound on Ga-Z77-Ds3h after Yosemiti Update.

    I'm using same board (z77-ds3h). i just installed using yosemite 10.10.0 as per guide in this forum for unibeast method. got hurdle with can't find System/Library/Kernels/kernel, but can cope with that. then update to 10.10.2 using apple store update methods. after that, i use method from...
  3. ucupsz

    Can't find /System/Library/kernels/kernel

    i got this situation back on nov/dec 2014. and last week, my yosemite disk had no response. :( so i use the same unibeast method that mentioned in this forum yosemite desktop guide, but same thing still happen. I got Raid in the icon during booting, and choosing the icon to continue yield...
  4. ucupsz

    [PMPatch] UEFI patching utility

    i can confirm that this tool works on UEFI bios on Lenovo Thinkpad T430. my method is dump bios from the chip using hardware flash programmer, the applied the tool and rewrite back using the same flash programmer.
  5. ucupsz

    TP-WDN4800 multiple ATHR: Unknown locale: 21 Warnings in Log

    have you check this?? but, basically it's just a warning. in my card (AR9380/TP-Link WDN4800) it affect nothing, afaik. however, i do need to change the country setting in my access point to use 5Ghz on...
  6. ucupsz

    DSDT Edit Help Needed - Lenovo T430s and Lenovo Helix

    that's what i thought so. thanks rehabman... i'll do more search for this issue. interesting topic :)
  7. ucupsz

    DSDT Edit Help Needed - Lenovo T430s and Lenovo Helix

    got errors: - the patch tried to change in section XHC1, but in my DSDT, there's no XHC1, the available is XHCI. tried to edit it. - it also complain regarding object not found or not accessible: ^^XHCI.PAHC 'till ^^XHCI.PDHC. object does not exist (GUID) object does not exist...
  8. ucupsz

    DSDT Edit Help Needed - Lenovo T430s and Lenovo Helix

    These are what i've tried so far: 1. use my own DSDT which hasn't implement USB patch for Intel System 7 from your repository at github. sucessfully going to sleep, no problem or instant wake-up. no usb detection after wake from sleep. 2. use patched DSDT with yours (intel system 7...
  9. ucupsz

    DSDT Edit Help Needed - Lenovo T430s and Lenovo Helix

    hi calimocco! i have Thinkpad T430 with ML 10.8.4 installed. i managed to patch AppleHDA.kext after following the post on another forum. previously i use vodoohda 2.8.4. everytime i plug-in the headphone jack when an MP3 is played, i need to manually switch the output. with the patched...
  10. ucupsz

    Battery Manager with Fix for Boot without Batteries

    wow... now it is shown 100% in my Thinkpad T430. the serial number is not correctly shown, but not a bigdeal to me. thanks rehabman. great work!
  11. ucupsz

    Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, working on it, help needed!

    for USB3, have you tried: GenericUSBXHCI 1.2.4 by zenith432?
  12. ucupsz

    kernel panic with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement

    mine is solved with using this null kext. :) thx.
  13. ucupsz

    Boot up taking close to a minute on SSD! GAZ77X-UD5H

    woow... thanks drevan! your solution save like 36' to my boot time. i use Z77-DS3H with sandisk SSD as recommended in customac. before setting "internal Graphics" in BIOS to "disabled", i got 38-41 boot time. after applying your solution, it took only 10-12 sec. thanks so much for sharing!
  14. ucupsz

    Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.2

    Article: Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.2 i used the same motherboard with i7 3770 and GTX 560Ti. i experience same problem with others mentioning here, stop at apple logo. look around in this forum, and follow the procedure for removing OemSMBios.kext you should find how to...
  15. ucupsz

    [Success] Z77-DS3H Gigbyte Motherboard, Intel i5-3570K CPU, everything working great!!

    hi orthanos! i've similar motherboard but used i7 3770 CPU and sandisk extreme SSD. i installed using all my RAM intact, 32Gb. and i have no problem with it. i used Unibeast Mountain Lion 1.5.3, Multibeast Mountain Lion 5.0.2. thanks for sharing your method.
  16. ucupsz

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide 2012

    woaaaaa.... finally it's out.. thanks tony! u rocks! :)
  17. ucupsz

    Advice to upgrade i7 3770/GA-Z77DS3H or i7 3770K/GA-Z77UD5H

    hi miller, nice to know Z77X-UD5H works for you. can you be more specific with the "Minor issues"? i'm considering the same board and processor too. thanks.
  18. ucupsz

    Buying advice, WiFi adapter

    I use D-Link DWA-125. (HW ver: A3, FW ver: 1.50) get the driver from (download the one with 10.7 support). and been 2 days using it with no flaws. :) i even send this reply using connection with this adapter. cheers.