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  1. the_utah

    Z170x ud3 th - OSX 10.11.6 - ram detection issue

    Hello, I have got my new system up and running very smoothly now. GAz170x ud3 TH i7 6700k CPU GTX 770 GPU Ballistix 8gb DDR4 2400 x 4 After much fiddling around, everything works: audio, imessage, sleep etc. I just noticed that my ram is not detecting properly though and am seeking some...
  2. the_utah

    Upgrade to El Cap

    Hi Friends, I currently have a stable ML 10.8.5 system very similar to Stork's Son of Zorro. I am hoping to upgrade a few components to get the hardware up to 2016 El Cap standards and maximize my system speed. I am a commercial photographer and cinematographer so my system needs to...
  3. the_utah

    Wacom Intuos / Audio Conflict Issue

    Hi! I recently purchased an intuos wacom drawing tablet. Upon installation of the tablet, I discovered that my audio had stopped working. It attaches via usb. I can restore audio by: 1. unplugging the tablet. 2. running multi-beast 5.5.5 and reinstall user DSDT realtek audio 889...
  4. the_utah

    Wacom Intuos / Audio Conflict Issue

    Hi, Just purchased and installed a wacom intuos tablet on my machine. I lost audio after doing do. I can multibeast the audio back with the DSDT 889 driver if the tablet isn't attached, if it is, no audio. OSX 10.8.5 Any ideas?