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  1. chadthman

    Working 100% official Apple BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter from Mallaid/Taobao

    Working 100% official Apple BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter This is a Apple Wifi AC card with Bluetooth 4.0. It works 100% without any modifications to OSX. It's just plug and play. Link to Wifi Adapter After getting clued in by a Netkas post showing that it is possible to use an official apple...
  2. chadthman

    Poor Apple Bluetooth Range

    So not being happy with the range my USB Bluetooth dongle was giving me on my HTPC build I decided to go the Apple Bluetooth route. I am using a A1181 module. I put it all together today and it works but not any better than dongle was giving me. This is about 5 feet max from the computer. I want...
  3. chadthman

    Hackintosh Freezes during Time Machine backup to OSX Server.

    So I built a new hackintosh (GA-Z87MX-D3H) with one ssd and two 4 TB hard drives in RAID 1. The purpose is for it to hold media and backups though Time Machine. I put the osx server tools on it and then configured it to accept Time Machine backups. With my current desktop (Z77-UD5H) I have...
  4. chadthman

    UD5h will periodically wake during sleep and go right back to sleeping.

    So I have UD5h with a weird sleep problem. My desktop will appear to sleep fine through the night but it will periodically wake up for about 10 seconds then go right back to sleep. The screens do not turn on while its doing this but it wakes up many different times during the night. I can only...
  5. chadthman

    Looks like 10.8.3 Broke my SYBA Firewire 800 Card

    As that my card no longer appears in System Profiler I'm going to assume that 10.8.3 killed it. I don't have my external hard drives right now to do a physical test but i'm going to assume that's not going to make much of a difference. Here is a link to the card that i got in case you have the...
  6. chadthman

    Nvidia GTX Titan

    So this just popped up on my radar this morning. Being that its still kepler wondering if it will still work in osx. Although I do have a friend that will possibly buy it when it comes out so i should be able to test it then...
  7. chadthman

    NVidia Drivers in 10.8.2 to Enable 3+ Screen Support?

    Just wondering if the updated NVidia drivers in 10.8.2 have enabled one to use 3+ screens yet. Been holding off on buying a NVidia card because of this limitation. :)
  8. chadthman

    This looks vaguely familiar.

    And I thought Samsung was bad.
  9. chadthman

    Free Upgrade to Latest iWork With upgrade to Mountain Lion

    Almost 3 years ago when i bought my MacBook Pro i had iWork '09 preinstalled on it. But Apple also generously included the install CD for iWork also. Fast forward to today i finally have a use for the CD since i just upgraded my Hack to Mountain Lion and I am going to be needing iWork for school...
  10. chadthman

    PCIe (or PCI) Tuner card that works with EyeTV

    I'm looking for a TV tuner card that works with EyeTV that i can plug into one of my PCIe slots so i dont have to use up one of my precious USB ports. It needs to work with digital cable but not mandatory that it needs to have support for analoge cable. Over the air support would also be nice...
  11. chadthman

    Missing BridgeHelper 4.0.1

    Hi, I'm trying to do a clean installation of 10.7.4 but due to me not working on getting my hackintosh working for the past couple of weeks i missed downloading BridgeHelper 4.0.1 and i only have 3.0 which only works with 10.7.3. I tried BridgeHelper 5.0 today and for some reason in unibeast...
  12. chadthman

    Intel Ethernet Jack not working after installing Atheros

    On the UD5h there is 2 ethernet plugs, one intel and one antheros. While still vanilla the intel one works perfectly but as soon as i install "ma0j's AtherosL1cEthernet" my intel one dies and the antheros starts working but it is labeled as Bluetooth PAN in the Network panel. Any way to get...
  13. chadthman

    Getting Lion and Windows 7 on one hard drive

    Sorry limited at money here at the moment so i need to get windows 7 and lion on a single hard drive, Here is my steps: 1) boot from unibeast and go into disk utility format my hard drive into 2, 1 Tb partitions, one formatted as hfs+ for osx and other fat32 for windows using GUID for the...
  14. chadthman

    4k Sector Question

    So i heard some rumblings that it is not as easy to install Lion on a hard drive that has 4k sectors. So i was wondering how to tell if a hard drive that i buy will have this 4k sector format or not. I know with western digital they mark their drives as Advanced Format drives but im looking at...
  15. chadthman

    Put Bootable Lion and Windows 7 on one USB

    Wondering if i could stick Both Lion and Windows 7 on a 16 Gb flash drive partitioned into two 8 Gb partitions and have both partitions show up as bootable. I would like to do this because 1) i only have 1 flash drive greater than 1 Gb 2) Im not going to buy a optical drive since i neither...
  16. chadthman

    Using a A1370 Airport Bluetooth BCM943224PCIEB?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone has used a Macbook Air 11.6" A1370 Airport Bluetooth BCM943224PCIEB?T2 Wireless N BT Card: ... 965wt_1165 In the pci-e adaptor that is commonly used around here for sticking mini pci-e airport cards in to pci-e slots...