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  1. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Sorry for being so late... I only drop by every now and then. To answer Your question, no, i did not put any of the cables between the inner case and outer plastic shell. But i want to do that at some point, probably when i put in a new board... I was thinking on it though and if i´m going to do...
  2. Olli73

    Intel GMA950 in ASUS 1001HA & 10.6.8

    Hello Rehabman, I know the rules, guess i got confused when i stumbled across this post while looking for solutions: It´s quite old and i guess rules changed since then. Didn´t want to act...
  3. Olli73

    Intel GMA950 in ASUS 1001HA & 10.6.8

    Hello fellow Hackintoshers, I´ve decided to hack my girlfriends 1001HA and succeeded in installing 10.6.8 on the machine. I managed to get almost everything working, the only thing that eludes me is wake from sleep. Although the machine goes to sleep just fine (manually), when it wakes up the...
  4. Olli73

    UniBeast 4.0 Update

    Article: UniBeast 4.0 Update Ups, You´re right... Thanks Storck! I´ll just use the stand-alone TRIM-enabler then. Olli
  5. Olli73

    UniBeast 4.0 Update

    Hi Guys, Thank You for the update! Will this also fix TRIM-support for the OSX 10.9.4 update? Olli
  6. Olli73

    "Clamshell" iBook & Linux

    Hi All, I´ve got a question and i think this might be the right Forum to post. A few years back i got my hands on a Clamshell, a 366 MHz Graphite Special Edition. I put in a 80 GB HDD and maxed memory out (576 MB), then put Tiger on it. It runs quite well but internet is really sluggish. I...
  7. Olli73

    Broke a locking clip off of the plastic latch tray (under the motherboard) where can I find a replac

    Hello JRDN, I see Your post is already a few days old and maybe there already is a solution. Just my thoughts, me and others that have done G3/G4 cases just "reversed" the locking mechanism on the door. If You do that, you won´t need the hooks anymore, hence no need to repair or get a new part...
  8. Olli73

    Audio Loss After Wakeup from Sleep

    Hello Datrandkidz, There was a thread about that a while back. Some ALC kexts in MultiBeast 6.2 were faulty making sound drop out after sleep. The fix for me was going back to the kext from 6.1. Maybe that helps. Olli
  9. Olli73

    I have a Mac G4 mod & need pros and cons

    Hello Roeriddler, Like Thin Soldier said, ATX can be done, but it will involve a lot of cutting... Do You need full ATX? Best choice is still mATX, i think. I saw one thread by someone, he put a ATX mobo into a G3/4 case, maybe You can find it. Do You really need water-cooling? I have my 2500k...
  10. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    As per Tonys post i reverted to ALC889 kext in MB 6.0.1 and now have audio after sleeping the hack. BUT - i found i can only sleep the machine once or twice and then only the screen, GT210 and the HDD power down but the fans still spin and the power LED remains on (Until i re-boot or power...
  11. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Update Time! Hi Forum, little update on my system. I put in another 60 GB SSD and put Mavericks on it. So now i can dual-boot 10.6.8 & 10.9.2 - well sort of... I have questions that may find answers here. • The SSD with SL has boot priority, if i interupt Sl on the chimera boot-screen both...
  12. Olli73

    tonymacx86 Stickers and Shirts Now Available

    I love it!!! Maybe we can get monochrome designs for our Hacks cases now too.
  13. Olli73

    Wallpaper resets to default after restart

    Hi crcc23, i´ve had the same thing happening to me too. Just place the folder with your backgrounds in Your private folder on the system-drive and OS X should find them on boot. My guess is, SSDs are just too fast on boot and the system is up before the pictures are found, thus it reverts to...
  14. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Hello Kassia, thanks for the feedback! Since i only use my card for external HDDs and my iSight, i couldn´t say much about compatibility with, for example, audio gear. So, this card will work for musicians too. :thumbup: Olli
  15. Olli73

    WHY only on english systems

    Hello wulkman, Unibeast is english, right, but You can set the OS to any language you like, or did i understand You wrong? Maybe, in time, someone will start localizing Unibeast, maybe You?:thumbup: Just my two cents, Olli
  16. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Sorry, i forgot to mention; You will have to cut those two big notches on the plastic tray. Once you reverse the lock, the spring will push the lever in the back to the outside, locking the door. So if You either want to open or close the door, You´ll have to push the lever on the back to do so...
  17. Olli73

    iMac G3 Test Bench / Show case

    Hi Minihack, just put a firewire-card in my machine and reactivated my old iSight cam (the external one). It started me thinking, wouldn´t it be cool to put one into the case of the G3iMac/eMac as well, since we already have build-in microphones? Olli
  18. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Hi Jamba, if You reverse the locking mechanism you can go without the plastic latch but still keep the case locked tight. Sometimes, the plastic, being old and brittle, breaks when you take it out, then you´d have no way of opening the door if you don´t reverse the lock. I kept it as...
  19. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Hey Guys, i just added new hardware to my hack. This time it´s a firewire PCIE card to use for my iSight. Seems to work so far, first boot took some time. Confirmed iSight works in Skype, didn´t hook my external HDD up to the card yet. Here´s some Amazon links for anyone interested: For...
  20. Olli73

    Fly Like A G3

    Hi jeffball610, concerning the PSU-Fans... I just don´t know... they put those things in there for a reason, maybe some of the pros will beg to differ, but i would be careful about leaving the PSU without decent cooling, especially if You plan to upgrade, as You say. I know that the higher...