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  1. VioletDragon

    Solved > flipspost_user hang mojive

    Hi, just done a fresh i stall of Mojive but having a issue with a hang at flipspost_user any ideas? It boots after a couple of seconds. Thanks.
  2. VioletDragon

    Howdy folks! I am kinda back I may after a new build also

    Hey guys! So I am back, but I will be having a different setup. I will be having a dedicated hack with my H77N-WIFI build, but my main workstation is running Linux. i might be getting a new build also. How has everyone been?
  3. VioletDragon

    (Guide) All New ATI Radeon 5450 Clover Hotpatch Injection

    So I decided to move the DSDT injection over to a SSDT to go along with Clover Hotpatch. This is experimental although it works on my old Core 2 Quad System. In order to get this to work you're ATI 5450 will need to be under GFX0 instead of PEGP or IOPP. You will need Clover Bootloader for this...
  4. VioletDragon

    BCM943602CS Bootcamp Drivers Windows 10

    Hi, Ive Dual Booted my H77N desktop. One problem is my apple Keyboard & Mouse doesn't work I've installed the drivers BCM943602CS manually WIFI works but only problem is the Keyboard and mouse. Has anyone managed to fix this problem? Ive tried installing Bootcamp Utility however doesn't work...
  5. VioletDragon

    (Guide) H77N-WIFI with Intel HD4000 using Clover UEFI Hotpatch

    Overview, I decided to do a guide on the H77N-WIFI. Which I recently replaced my Z77-DS3H which is now my Backup Server. This guide is on getting up and running with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Ive recently implemented Clover Hotpatch using Clover's ACPI, DSDT, Patches with SSDT-Hack. Although this...
  6. VioletDragon

    Intel HD 4000 1440p Monitor

    Hi, So I'm looking at getting the Dell U2515H now I'm wondering if I can get the full 2560 x 1440 over HDMI on my H77N-WIFI I'm hearing different things online that people have got it working over HDMI but on Gigabytes Site maximum resolution is 1920x1200 some people have said to use HDMI to...
  7. VioletDragon

    [solved] H77N-WIFI ACPI Patching SSDTs

    Hi Rehabman. Ive got quite far I've implemented IMEI, IGPU correctly haven't done Frame buffer patches in KextToPatch yet. However I've also implemented AppleLPC as the Device ID isn't native requires to be spoofed with pci8086,1e44. Ive also implemented AAPL Values for both EH01 & EH02 also XHC...
  8. VioletDragon

    Safari Crashing Webkit 10.12.6 Sierra problem?

    So I'm having issues with 10.12.6 its not just my Desktop its my Genuine Apple MacBook also and Hackbook 4540s. Webkits keeps crashing. Im wondering if anyone has this problem? Earlier on my Desktop i had a Kernel Panic & Last Night i had a Kernel Panic on my Probook 4540s relating to the same...
  9. VioletDragon

    OS X Server & Linux, Windows Support.

    Hi. So I'm having a lot of issues with SAMBA in OS X/macOS. At the moment in time I'm not sure what to do. So I built a NAS running OS X Server it works fine with Mac but with Windows and Kodi I'm having a hell of the time copying anying too and from the OS X Server machine in windows or playing...
  10. VioletDragon

    Rehabmans CodecCommander.

    Hi Rehabman. Im trying to sort out this Audio problem out of sleep. Im wanting to use CodecCommander just like on the Probook and Dh67BL. With a set of Pin configs and CodecCommander. Here are the files. If there are anymore files you need please let me know. Thank you. Jack.
  11. VioletDragon

    SSDT Cleanup.

    Hi Rehabman. So im wanting to put the SSDTs i created into one SSDT calling it SSDT-HACK. However i looked at the SSDT-4x40s and it has external now I'm wondering do i need External at the start of the SSDT or not? These are the SSDTs I've made they work fine but just need to put them all in one...
  12. VioletDragon

    1gbp Network issues.

    Hi, Has anyone got 1gbps speeds working on there hack? Ive bought some CAT6 Solid Ethernet Cable Reel and made my own Cables and terminated them correctly however i can't seem to get over 100megs over Ethernet in OS X but seems to work fine in Windows. Ive tried Intel NICs and Realtek but no...
  13. VioletDragon

    Instant Wake With HP hp NC360T Ethernet Card

    Hi Rehabman. Im having this weird issue with Instant Wake. Doesn't happen with a Realtek Ethernet Card but happens with the HP HP NC360T Intel Ethernet Card. Not sure what it could be. Here are the files. There doesn't appear to be Wake on Lan in the BIOS.
  14. VioletDragon

    HP NC360T Dual Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E x4 Works without Kext installs. OOB.

    Ive picked up a HP NC360T Dual Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E x4. This card works out of the box with Apples Stock kexts no need to install any Kexts. If you're looking for a card that works out of box without any Kexts installs then id recommend this card. I have noticed a lot of difference in speed...
  15. VioletDragon

    (Guide) Z77-DS3H with Nvidia GTX 760 using Clover UEFI Hotpatch

    Overview, I decided to do a guide on the Z77-DS3H build that i built back in 2013. This guide is on getting up and running with macOS Sierra 10.12.5. I was using a regular DSDT on this machine when i started but sometime last year i moved over to Clover Hotpatch using Clover's ACPI, DSDT...
  16. VioletDragon

    VoiletDragon's NAS Build: H97N-WIFI - Core i3 4360 - HD4600

    VoiletDragon's NAS Build: Gigabyte H97N-WIFI - Core i3 4360 - 8GB RAM - HD4600 Components 3x 3TB Seagate ST3000NV000 NAS Drives Silverstone SST-DS380B (Black) 8 Bay Hot...
  17. VioletDragon

    fit-headless (GS) HDMI Headless Adaptor.

    Today I've bought a fit-headless (GS) HDMI Headless Adaptor for my NAS build for using Screen sharing. Good thing about this little device is that it will allow you to have 1920x1080 without a connected monitor. Great deal its only £11.00 in the UK reduced from £27.00 and $10.50 in the US...
  18. VioletDragon

    ACPI Patching With Clover Hotpatch

    Hi Rehabman. Could you take a look at the DSDT I've provided both Native Clean DSDT and Patched DSDT. Thank you. Jack.
  19. VioletDragon

    i7 4790 doesn't perform very good

    Hi. So I've done some tests between my old 3770 and my new 4790 CPU the i7 3770 seems to perform better would anyone have any ideas? it feels like I've wasted money on this system. When encoding video in Final Cut Pro it takes longer than my 3770. Any ideas guys? I have implemented...
  20. VioletDragon

    WD 500GB Blue Solid State Drive

    Hi. Im looking around for a new Solid State drive for my Desktop. Ive came across a Western Digital 500GB Solid state drive for a good price also got good reviews. Now I'm wondering has anyone used any western digital SSDs with OS X before? My 128GB SSD from Corsair is getting small for me now...