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  1. m2geek

    [Q] ASUS Ranger VII Ethernet stopped working?

    Hey guys, So YAY I'm back hackintoshing again, but Boo that my ethernet has stopped working Post install! While running Pre Multibeast it had working ethernet, but now its MIA? I didn't install a driver when I ran multibeast as didn't think it was necessary since it was already working...
  2. m2geek

    P-State Stepper Error 18 ???

    Hey guys, Doing my first Haxxintosh in a while, and I keep running into P-state stepper error 18 at step 2 in context 2 on cpu 0 freezes while its trying to boot after running multibeast. Now, i'm not entirely sure what I should/shouldn't be ticking in multibeast to start with, but I...
  3. m2geek

    Yikes - where did all my oomph go?!

    For some reason my CPU is running awfully slow - Geekbench just spat out a when my usual scores are 10K+ Da heck is going on?
  4. m2geek

    Getting best FPS in Games?

    Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone else out there plays games such as WoW and Diablo 3 on their haxxintoshes and if-so how do You go about getting the best FPS possible? Compared to running on Windows - OS X gives me terrible FPS in World of Warcraft... on Windows I can run it quite happily...
  5. m2geek

    Z68X-UD3H-B3 Multibeast - Help me!

    Hey guys, in the past i've used my Custobeast multibeast thingy when doing fresh installs - but i've since gotten a new graphics card (GTX 660 Ti) AND updated by BIOS to the new UEFI one that gigabyte bought out. So basically I need help with what I need to select in MultiBeast (for...
  6. m2geek

    Upgrading from GTX460 to GTX660 Ti

    Hey guys, I have a CustomBeast installer (Supporting the cause n all ;) ) but Do I need to do anything special when I swap from my GTX460 to the GTX660 Ti? I'm running 10.7.4. Thanks in advance :) Mark
  7. m2geek

    Getting SSD for Boot/System Drive

    Hey guys, Am getting a 120Gb SSD (OCZ AGILITY 3 120GB 2.5" SANDFORCE) one to be precise mainly cos it a) fits budget and is the biggest I can get for the $$$... My main question is - is there anything Special I need to do/Know to reinstall Onto the SSD? I've not had a SSD before, and am...
  8. m2geek

    Anyone know of any tools like MSI Afterburner

    That work with Mac - I am missing my custom overclock on my GTX460 and i'm So not game to try bios editing my graphics card.
  9. m2geek

    nVidia overclocking on OS X 10.7?

    Hey guys, anyone know of any decent/usable overclocking tools for nvidia graphics cards? I have a GTX460 which i run at 825mhz in windows and in OSX it reverts back to its factory OC of 715mhz. Any advice would be appreciated :)
  10. m2geek

    OMG Best Install Experience EVER!!!

    Just haxxintoshed my gaming rig (used to have a Macbook Pro but sold it recently) - and Missed my OS X so much I thought what the hell.. Followed the Lion install guide and Wham, Bam, Thank you Man Beautifully clean hassle free install that is running beautifully (even with my nVidia GTX460...
  11. m2geek

    Fresh install 10.6.0 wont Update to .6.8

    Hey guys I did a bit of searching around on the forums but couldn't find anything but basically my problem is: Brand new fresh install of 10.6.0 on a Sandybridge 2500k on a Gigabyte Z68x-ud3h-b3(f4 bios) running a GTX460 and for the life of me I cant get it to install the Combo Update - even...