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  1. coronaflyest

    MightyDood’s Mac Pro Mod (MacPro 1,1 2006)

    I really tried to make it work with the pci extender but they kept on desoldering off because of the space between the bottom of the case and the graphic card. And the only way you can fit will be on the upper pci slot of the case and you would need at least 2 pci extenders. Its possible, like I...
  2. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    It's good ended up using internal graphics, each time I would use an pci e extender the cables would desolder.
  3. coronaflyest

    Asus MVG + Clover Bootloader

    I still get the same error
  4. coronaflyest

    Asus MVG + Clover Bootloader

    I decided to install clover to fix the iMessage issue, I fixed that part, I was excited. I am using a custom dsdt and I lost hdmi audio, I wanted to expirence a full uefi boot so I changed the setting in bios to uefi only and I get an error at boot saying my boot device doesnt support ufei.
  5. coronaflyest

    Loss of Audio after installing Clover Bootloader

    same issue over here igpu hdmi audio not working :(
  6. coronaflyest

    Underscan on boot screen. HELP!

    After installing my gtx 670 today I had the overscan option on the display under preferences, no matter how I put the settings, I could accommodate for the zoomed in screen, because I can boot full screen but when ML loads I'm zoomed in, if i had a underscan slider I would be good. I also tried...
  7. coronaflyest

    Underscan on boot screen. HELP!

    I'm interested in this solution, I'm getting a 670 in the mail tomorrow thinking that upgrading to a better card would solve the issue. As some cards work fine at boot and others don't, I can set my Samsung HDTV to show boot properly on a gtx 650 that I returned, but then when I'm in ML I would...
  8. coronaflyest

    Boot Screens not displaying properly

    I'm expirincing the same issue I hate it, if you are using hdmi try using dvi.
  9. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    I got a good deal on a 02G-P4-2670-KR, I believe it's the standard edition.
  10. coronaflyest

    Underscan not retained after reboot on ML

    I cant set my underscan options at all :(
  11. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    I purchased a Evga 670 it gets here tomorrow so I'm excited :)
  12. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    Yea, I have "1920x1080x32" when using the 650 ti it wouldn't be be full screen, but when using the igpu with same setting I would get full screen.
  13. coronaflyest

    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    Thanks, I been reading around I think it has to do with the monitor's native resolution both monitors that I have in my home are 1920x1080, I read that if its 1920x1200 it would fill in the black are. However when I use igpu intel 4000, I get full screen boot. I wish I can achieve the same with...
  14. coronaflyest

    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    Does the 660 ti boot full screen through the apple1 boot logo?
  15. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    I decided to return my OC Asus 650 ti back to amazon because I didnt like how boot was not full screen. If anyone can tell me the cards that do boot in full screen with apple logo, I'm considering investing up $300 on a card I was looking into gtx 660 ti, I asked in the graphics thread but seems...
  16. coronaflyest

    System Freeze try this

    So my hackintosh has been freezing and locking up, sometimes I can move the mouse other times it's just the pin wheel, I moved the ram to other slots and now is a lot better in about this mac it didn't show ddr3 and now it does, Geek bench used to say 16 gb 0 mhz and now I see the 1600 mhz ddr3...
  17. coronaflyest

    System freeze 10.8.2 Asus P8Z77-V LK

    I didn't read through the entire thread as I'm at work right now, I've been having similar issue I have an ssd which is into 2 partitions 1 for main boot and another as a backup when things go wrong, as this is my first hakintosh :). After changing the the ram timings from auto to manual setting...
  18. coronaflyest

    Video Card that supports full screen at boot

    I'm still within my return policy for a full refund on my asus 650 ti, I'm looking to wither upgrade or stay within the same category sleep/wake and hdmi audio work fine with the Gtx 650 ti but I don't like how I can't get full screen at boot like when using the intel hd 4000. Which cards will...
  19. coronaflyest

    evga gtx 650 help

    I was reading the pdf of the guide, I thought it would be easy and dedicated time trying locate all the info with IOReg, but that just gave me a headache, I installed VooDoo and after a reboot I have Hdmi audio on integrated hd 4000 and on my GTX 650ti. Can't get any easier and I don't see what...
  20. coronaflyest

    [SOLVED] iMessage poll

    iMessage poll this really sucks I just finished my build yesterday and have been trying to figure out iMessaging. Im regretting it now I could of put some more cash down and bought an iMac :(