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  1. rj985

    Add Sapphire RX 590 Pulse to build signature options

    No RX 590 Pulse option for Sapphire in signature dropdown currently.
  2. rj985

    Photos hogging space on SSD - mystery

    "About This Mac" shows Photos are taking up almost 210GB of my 250GB SSD boot drive with only about 70GB free (first image). Finder "Get Info" about my boot SSD also showing only about 70GB free (second image). I have always had my Photos Library pointing to my 3TB HDD storage drive (third...
  3. rj985

    [SUCCESS] Direct Update to OS X 11 Using Clover | GA-Z97X-UD5H

    The following are the steps I took to get El Capitan running via direct update from the App Store (from Yosemite). I'm posting this after reading post #86 in the Big List of Solutions for El Capitan. Working: 1) Wake from sleep 2) Audio after wake from sleep 3) Video card (though mine uses...
  4. rj985

    Are you updating to 10.10.3 right away?

    It seems like half of the people posting results to the 10.10.3 Update Forum are updating without many problems, while the other half are having various problems (graphics, wi-fi, audio, TRIM, bluetooth, etc.). I'm on the fence -- I know I can always revert to my cloned drive, but I'm also...