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  1. Tazzu

    Can't boot High Sierra with Nvidia gt 1030

    Hi everyone! My iGPU misteiusly stoped working. I was using the integrated HD 4000 working just fine. The MB get beep signal code for No VGA and no display. Even so the OS boots but without display. So I deside to get external graphic card - MSI gt 1030. After instaling the GPU - it works and I...
  2. Tazzu

    No Turbo boost in Sierra

    Hello everyone! I updated to Sierra via Clover and everything is working fine exept the Turbo boost of my Ivy bridge i5-3570K on Asus Z77. I have tryed the changes from this thread: Tried MacPro5,1 and...
  3. Tazzu

    Need Original Sierra IO80211Family.kext

    Hello, I need the original Sierra IO80211Family.kext. I pasted modded one from El Capitan without backuping the original.... Trying the get working a Tp-link WiFi pci card with Sierra. Thanks!
  4. Tazzu

    Missing NTFS partitions after istalling NTFS-3G

    Yesturday I booted a laptop Windows 10 drive on my CustoMac and after that when I boot El Capitan my data drive (2tb NTFS drive witch was working ever since with my CustoMac with NTFS drivers Mac Fuse and NTFS-3G) was not active in Finder and not mounted. I uninstall NTFS drivers and the...