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  1. SkinlessGaming

    AMD R9 290X on High Sierra

    Hi, I was just wondering if AMD R9 290X is compatible with High Sierra? All my other hardware is compatible as I tried it before on a different AMD card and it worked perfectly. But since I've upgraded to my 290X, it hasn't worked in previous versions of macOS. Hoping someone can help :)
  2. SkinlessGaming

    Black screen when trying to load installer

    Hi there, I'm trying to install OS X El Capitan on my PC (I've done it before on an older GPU) but I've since upgraded my GPU to a R9 290X from Radeon HD 5870 This has now prevented me from installing El Capitan as I either get no signal or a black screen when booting from USB to install El...
  3. SkinlessGaming

    Hackintosh El Capitan 10.11 - No audio devices after installing Kexts

    Hello, I have no audio devices after installing drivers through MultiBeast and also any other things I've looked at. Am I doing something wrong because I've literally tried everything :evil: My audio device is Realtek ALC887. (I've also tried using the Legacy and non-legacy in MultiBeast)...