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  1. macj29

    Solved > MSI RX 5700 MECH 8GB OC, black screen.

    I have upgraded to the MSI RX 5700 MECH 8GB OC, I have a Gigabyte Z390 M GAMING with an i7 8700. I had an RX 580 and it worked flawlessly, I just wanted more power. I have been racking my brain on getting this working. I have the most updated WEG and LILU installed, I have Clover 5103. I have...
  2. macj29

    Solved > Can not boot after upgrading to a MSI Z390-A Pro with a i7 8700

    I just upgraded from my Haswell system to a MSI Z390-A PRO motherboard with an i7-8700, 16gb of G.Skill Sniper X 3200 Ram. I am using my same everything else including my WD Black 512GB nvme drive. I can not boot into my system at all and am getting a "Cannot allocate runtime area" (photo of...
  3. macj29

    Computer Reboots after sleep

    Installed it from the app store with no issues at all during the install. The only thing I am noticing is that when the computer sits idle for a while it will restart. It does not show anything when I sign in. I only know because of my startup apps starting again.
  4. macj29

    iTunes video crashes my hackintosh and Help optimizing as sleep doesn't work

    Hi all, I am needing some help here. I had everything running perfect sleep worked videos played in iTunes it was fast and responsive. Then I upgraded my Graphics card from the 660 oc to a 970 oc and my mother board had an issue that I had to replace my board (with an identical one) to fix...
  5. macj29

    Install Yosemite Beta Kernel Panic on Sierra beta 3

    Hi All, I have run into an interesting yet very annoying kernel panic. See Picture. IMG_20161006_213340 by macj29 posted Oct 8, 2016 at 10:32 PM I was removing some of the added Kexts from my System/Library/Extentions. as I have them on my Clover bootloader, after I did this I got this kernel...
  6. macj29

    Clover boots Yosemite Boots really slow past clover.

    Hi I have just changed from Chimera 4.1 to Clover 3259. I have ran into a problem. My main concern is it boots REALLY SLOW, I have it set up to boot Fast, so I don't even use the clover screen, it takes a good 45+ seconds (more like 1min) to boot through the apple boot screen, it takes 3-5...
  7. macj29

    Setup Asus B85M-G Motherboard to be able to sleep with Hackintosh

    Hi I have my Hackintosh that I Love but I have yet to be able to flash a new BIOS that will allow my Rig to sleep, It will sleep but then it restarts and the EFI partition is no longer active on the SSD and I have to use my Unibeast stick to boot back in. this is the specs of my Rig OS X...
  8. macj29

    Help Optimizing Asus Haswell 10.9.4 system

    Hi All, I am Super Happy to have my Hackintosh, I love it. Only thing is that It seems to be laggy sometimes..... I am hoping to get some help to Optimize my System. I have a DarwinDumper Report that I can share If someone is able to look at it and inform me what I can change or what ever to...