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  1. hackintoshx86

    Bluetooth Audio Creative T30 speakers

    I am using an Azurewave Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0 card with handoff enabled. Yosemite 10.10.2. Using Toledas Wifi Kext and Brcm update firmware kext for bluetooth. I can pair with the speakers and get audio. The problem is the sound is skipping and pausing. Very unstable. The connection...
  2. hackintoshx86

    Leisure Suit Larry is Back for iOS and OSX

    I used to play this game a long time ago. The game series (Larry Laffer) is 25 years old.
  3. hackintoshx86

    Clover Booting Guide: Z77X-UD5H- HD4000+GT640

    Guide for using Clover UEFI Booting on Z77X-UD5H with HD4000 and GT640 enabled Clover UEFI booting is BETA testing.... In saying this, there are a lot of changes all the time. This guide may not work for you. Changes in revisions are listed here...
  4. hackintoshx86

    iTunes and App Store Error

    I am having an error when I try to authorize both my iTunes and App Store account. App Store won't let me see my account, but I can still download purchased content. It is saying connection failed. Or unable to obtain secure server access. Both worked fine a few weeks ago. I noticed when I...
  5. hackintoshx86

    iTunes[356]: AVF error: Gen7IntelGVAScheduleAVDCommands, TT err = 5

    I can not play HD movie previews or rentals from iTunes. I have a garbled pink and green image. I am using HD4000 and a GT640. IGFX enabled first. I am using device injection in Chimera to inject HD4000 with GraphicsEnabler=No. I am using a DSDT created from toleda's guides for HDMI audio. I...
  6. hackintoshx86

    HWM only showing Hard Drive Temp after 5.1 Update

    After updating HWM and FakeSMC motherboard plugins I only have Hard Drive temperatures? Any idea's for testing?
  7. hackintoshx86

    HackMac Build: Core i5-3570K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 16GB RAM 2133Mhz - GT 640

    [Updated] HackMac Build: Core i5-3570K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 16GB RAM 2133Mhz - GT 640 + HD4000 HackMac Build: Core i5-3570K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 16GB RAM 2133Mhz - GT 640 + HD4000 **I NO LONGER HAVE THIS BUILD! SOLD! THIS POST WILL NOT BE UPDATED FROM 27/12/2014** Components Apple OS X...
  8. hackintoshx86

    Gigabyte GT 640 Working OOB

    Thank you tonymacx86 team for posting the GT 640 for a new video card in Mountain Lion! Works OOB as stated with graphicsenabler=no. At the install I got a white screen and simply changed the ports for the DVI (only once and back again) and now they both work great!
  9. hackintoshx86

    Z77-UD5H Realtek 898 Working Perfect!

    Z77-UD5H Realtek 898 Working I am using the F8 BIOS. At first the orange and black ports would be used. Use Patched AppleHDA for the 898 codec and Non-DSDT Enabler for 898, that's it. (I do not have a DSDT) Thanks Toleda for all your efforts in the HDA audio!
  10. hackintoshx86

    PowerColour ATI 5770HD PCI lane at 8x? With UEFI BIOS...

    Since installing the UEFI BIOS for my GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 version U1a I have had problems with the PCI lane. I thought it was processor based but nothing has changed with a new Ivy i5-3570K (PCI 3.0) that was just installed. I'm going to guess something in the ATI5000.kext is causing a...
  11. hackintoshx86

    Z68 UEFI BIOS and Mountain Lion

    First I would like to post that I am running the new UEFI beta version for this board U1A. I have clean installed Mountain Lion on Z68-UD4-B3. No problems at all with the install of Mountain Lion and post install Multibeast. The only problem that I am having is with Sleep/Wake. Sleep/Wake is...
  12. hackintoshx86

    Bluetooth A1114 Voltage Regulator Build

    I found the better option is to use a regulator then the diodes. The regulator allows a constant supply of 3.3v. After testing I had better performance and response. I have a logic shifter built for 3.3v applications with a 5v input to try as well.
  13. hackintoshx86

    Powercolour ATI 5770 HDMI Fail [SOLVED]

    When I use graphicsenabler=yes the hdmi port stops working. I need to have it enabled for the aticonfig=vervet boot flag. Do I need a different buffer? vervet seems to display the right id. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  14. hackintoshx86

    DVD Player won't start? Help [SOLVED]

    DVD player closes when it tries to start... I am running 10.6.8 and the graphics card is a ati radeon 5770..... any one have any suggestions?
  15. hackintoshx86

    OCZ Solid 3 not working properly? [SOLVED]

    OCZ Solid 3 SATA 3 wont process speeds of more then 6mb/s!! Any Ideas? Running SL 10.6.8
  16. hackintoshx86

    GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 CMOS checksum Lion [SOLVED]

    CMOS Checksome with Lion Sleep after shutdown.... I have been reading the forums and I think I need to replace the Apple.kext with the one from Snow Leopard..... I have a snow Leopard Disk.... But I don't have it Installed..... Does anyone know the right thread for some directions for the noobie?
  17. hackintoshx86

    Multibeast Problems after 10.6.8 update [SOLVED]

    I tried graphicsenabler=no 64bit. I am having a boot problem and getting panic now at apple boot screen. Before multibeast the graphics card works with the 10.6.8 update I install. I am using a dsdt from the database and is on the desktop. Selections in muiltbeast. RealtekALC8xxHDA and...
  18. hackintoshx86

    Multibeast Gpu Crash [SOLVED]

    I installed snow leopard. Ran the update with update helper. Was forced to restart computer as I had no commands after the update. The update installed and Iboot worked to get me back into 10.6.8. The video card appeared to be working already. I enabled 64 bit apple boot screen in muiltbeast...
  19. hackintoshx86

    Chimera? [SOLVED]

    When upgrading to Lion do i need to re install chimera to make the disk bootable again? if so at what point in the installion or post install? Running snow leopard and following tonymacx86 guides. Thanks
  20. hackintoshx86

    Clean Install of Lion? [SOLVED]

    I am looking at doing a clean install of Lion..... from what I understand there is a disk image InstallESD.dmg that will create a bootable disk in the update pkg. file ...... Now the question is about the bootloader? iboot doesn't boot Lion?