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  1. thedon

    [Solved] MSI Cubi, installing High Sierra. Only getting stuck with Intel Graphics HD5500

    Hey guys, and hopefully RehabMan will chime in also. I have a MSI CUBI, the original one I would put it in my build signature but its not a customac with a defined motherboard etc. But the information is below. Mini: MSI Cubi i5 5200u, i5-2200, HD5500 On windows 10, the Display Memory VRAM...
  2. thedon

    Download Purchased Movies without Playing (freezing)

    Is there a way to download Purchased Movies without having my system freeze. I have a system running Yosemite. Ive had the issue of playing movies but I don't want to play them on my computer. I have apple TV and would like for the movies to be saved on my MAC but play thru the home network...
  3. thedon

    Mov file Icons don't show preview image

    Does anybody know what causes this issue. When I create or import mov files from my camera or from screen recorders etc, the files don't show the preview image. Instead its all garbled. See the picture I attached. These are 3 different files, one from an iPhone, one from a nabi camera.
  4. thedon

    Dell Latitude e7440 audio/wifi led issues

    I have a Dell Latitude e7440 and Ive noticed that it behaves differently when booting straight up from being powered off, to booting from a restart. When I power it on from being off, I get sound and everything but the wifi light doesn't show on the laptop. When I restart, either from dual...
  5. thedon

    Directv Player (be careful installing it, it crashed my Yosemite)

    Just posting my experience with Directv Player from today. My bro asked me about directv player for his laptop. So I had him send me the emails they sent him. Then I saw that they had a directv player app that you can install on the mac. Well right after I installed it, my mac locked up...
  6. thedon

    EGVA GTX 670 card in GA-Z87X-OC keeps crashing

    Hi guys. I'm a little stuck. I put in my graphics card last night in my system. All was working before that. Dual boots to mavericks and windows 8.1. Afterwards, in windows the Nvidia drivers crash every few minutes when using the card. In mavericks I get a screen flash and then it drops...
  7. thedon

    10.8.2 backtrace, help me decypher this error

    Hey guys. Need some help with my test upgraded. I did the OSX Updates, installing Itunes and java updates first and restarting. Everything went fine. Then I tried to go from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 and got the errors you see in the screen shots. As info, I am running on a 2 partition...
  8. thedon

    Need help with the Backtrace error after upgrading from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2

    Hey guys. Need some help with my test upgraded. I did the OSX Updates, installing Itunes and java updates first and restarting. Everything went fine. Then I tried to go from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 and got the errors you see in the screen shots. As info, I am running on a 2 partition...
  9. thedon

    Installed an SSD in my EliteBook 8740w

    I put a SSD 128 G drive in my Elietebook and copied my working Mountain Lion partition to it. Finally successfully got it to boot using the installer partition by defaulting it to use my ML partition and set the timeout to 1. It boots up pretty quick. About 13 seconds to the login window...
  10. thedon

    HP Elitebook 8740w, a workable ML setup

    Well here's my setup for my Elitebook. I dont pretend to be an expert but I have been creating hackintosh laptops since my dell inspiron 1520. Currently have many flavors spread across 3 laptops, the 1520, a 14z and for the last year or so with this Elitebook. The installs got way easier...
  11. thedon

    Cant get a bootloader to work

    For some reason non of the chimera versions are working for me. I have to unibeast start my hack. If I use chimera, it just hangs after some messages about apple...usb. If I boot using unibeast, everything is AOK and I have an almost perfect working system.
  12. thedon

    Enable trackpad and keyboard like Installer on HP Elitebook 8740w

    Hey guys. I have my Mountain Lion installing right now on my Elitebook 8740w. Ive tested the install a few times. Runs pretty quick off my thumb drive. Ive always wondered tho. When I run the thumbdrive installer which is basically the normal apple installer run from I assume a universal...
  13. thedon

    Need Help with Keyboard in 64 bit mode HP EliteBook 8740w

    Hey guys, I need help. My Work Supplied HP Elitebook 8740w had 4 gigs of RAM in its under the keyboard slot and nothing in the bottom of the laptop slot. Well I had another work supplied laptop taking up space in my overhead bin that also had a 4 gig RAM chip. So I used that to get 8 gigs in...
  14. thedon

    Future Builds with Thunderbolt IO

    Hey guys, I've been putting off a Mac build for a while now. I want to put together an I7 rig. But is there coming soon a set of motherboards that will have Thunderbolt to get the utmost Mac Compatibility?
  15. thedon

    Great Job Guys, my HP EliteBook 8740w is updated

    Great job guys. I have a work supplied EliteBook 8740w with an intel Core i7 processor that I took to the Leopard level a while ago. Now I just took it to the Lion level. In the process I am now up to date on software updates. And running at 64bit. Great job. Only issue is I have to...
  16. thedon

    help me with USB and USB 3.0

    I need some help with USB. Normally this wouldnt be an issue. The problem is, my laptop has 4 USB ports, 2 are USB 3 and 2 are normal USB. Only the USB 3.0 are working. Ive done the USB rollback. At some point they were all working, but its unstable. It seems I might occasionally get them...
  17. thedon

    Video Card Question, same model, different makers...

    radeon 5870 If one were to go on say or or or whatever your favorite computer site, and you type in that, you will get the same card by different makers. Is there a way to find the best one? is it up to who has the most reviews and the lowest price?
  18. thedon

    Help me spec out a build, fast and nimble.

    Hey Ninjas I want a build that is fast, so Im going with an i7 950. But I also want to keep a dual boot with some legacy hardware for windows 7. I run 2 HD tuners that are pci. The main things I want are the i7 950, 2 pci for my tuners (windows side), I want a nice GPU that is fully mac...
  19. thedon

    High Res Monitors

    Please excuse if this is the wrong forum, but it is Graphics Related. You guys building the high end Hackintoshes with i5 and i7 CPUs super fast graphics.. What monitors are you using. I know when I visit apple stores and Best Buys, the graphics on those macs are at least 1920x1200, but...
  20. thedon

    Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M working slow in OSX

    Hi guys I have a nice HP Elitebook 8740W. I got it from work. The install went fine. I just notice that the video starts to studder whenever I open programs such as Front Row, Quicktime and even Itunes for some reason. After closing the programs the mouse continues to studder for about 10...