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  1. mus3113

    USB (or) Power Problems?

    Hi, thanks to all the community I have a perfectly CustoMac (i7 3770, Z77DS3H, GTX650, ML 10.8.5) runing for about 2 years now, and it runs so well that I nearly forget that it isn't a ''real'' Mac. Although, since last month, I experience some issues and I would like to know if they are...
  2. mus3113

    Cinema HD Display 30inch on GTX650

  3. mus3113

    Cinema HD Display 30inch on GTX650

    Hi, a friend of mine sells his Apple Cinema HD Display 30inch and it has a dual-link DVI connector. Can i use it straight forward without changing anything at my configuration, or i have to make tweaks to make it work? Will it be recognized as a regular display? Sorry for the dumb question but i...
  4. mus3113

    Triple Montor Setup With GTX650

    Hi, can anyone confirm if connecting 3 monitors on the MSI GTX 650 oc is possible? I know that there are similar threads but (unless i miss something) there isn't a clear answer related exactly to my configuration. I have 2x 1680*1050 LCD displays connected via DVI and HDMI to DVI cable. I...
  5. mus3113

    [AGAIN] Black Screen After Wake (GTX650/Z77DS3H)

    I forgot to mention that Sleep/Wake works perfectly with the HD4000 so it is a GPU problem
  6. mus3113

    [AGAIN] Black Screen After Wake (GTX650/Z77DS3H)

    Hi, After a long period of a perfect and stable customac, accidentally removed the bios battery and a CMOS reset occurred. Anyway, i made again all the right bios settings and a clean 10.8.2 install (to be updated later). I was pretty sure that everything was perfect as before, but now...
  7. mus3113

    Ultra-High-End Audio Interface (except PTHD)

    Thanks a lot for your response, happy to hear that you use Apogee converters. Actually, after a lot of research i find Apogee's new Symphony i/o quite attractive and has some benefits that i cannot ignore like the modular design and sophisticated expandability. Today the scene of my interface...
  8. mus3113

    DAW Controllers

    (just for the record) HUI is supported in PT11, I use the M-Audio Project mix i/o for PT 11.0.2 with zero issues.
  9. mus3113

    Ultra-High-End Audio Interface (except PTHD)

    Hi, i use my Customac exclusively for Pro Tools (v10.3.7&v11.0.2). In the near future i am going to buy a 'high-end' audio interface The goal for me is to make the best possible recordings. I am a producer and composer and i will use my studio only for recording not for mixing and mastering. I...
  10. TI Firewire 400 Card

    TI Firewire 400 Card

  11. Motherboard (GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1)

    Motherboard (GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1)

  12. Processor (i7 3770 @3,4 GHz)

    Processor (i7 3770 @3,4 GHz)

  13. MSI GTX650

    MSI GTX650

  14. Corsair Vengeance 16GB

    Corsair Vengeance 16GB

  15. Corsair TX850

    Corsair TX850

  16. Corsair H60 (2013)

    Corsair H60 (2013)

  17. Samsung 2253BW (2x)

    Samsung 2253BW (2x)

  18. Inside (before cable management during testing)

    Inside (before cable management during testing)

  19. Memory Info

    Memory Info

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