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  1. blueridgedog

    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    Not a fan, but see the logic of the direction. I think I have five real macs and my main hack at this point. If Intel support drops, then the main hack will likely go to windows and honestly the direction that is going in with Linux compatibility, I am not to worried. It is so far off in the...
  2. blueridgedog

    Solved > Catalina Install = Prohibited symbol

    Got a clean install of catalina booted up (with the usual "freeze" when attempting to restart at phase one and phase two of install...that is not a freeze and all you have to do is manually restart it). From there I did a minimal setup with multibeast: I then edited the default...
  3. blueridgedog

    Solved > Catalina Install = Prohibited symbol

    Okay, changed system def to 18.1 and put inject all on the USB (why is unibeast still defaulting to 14??). Got through both install phases. Now to addresses basic issues.
  4. blueridgedog

    Solved > Catalina Install = Prohibited symbol

    Trying to install on my ASUS Prime H370-Plus. I am trying a clean install. Tried thus far: Pure unibeast burn and install...prohibited, generic SSDT-EC.aml to EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched...prohibited, current working Mojave patched SSDT copied to the installer...prohibited, every USB port on the...
  5. blueridgedog

    Apple Reveals macOS 10.15 Catalina- Available Fall 2019

    Seems like every thread featuring an Apple OS update brings out the Nvidia issue. I have moved on. I like the OS, I like some of the features in Mojave and spent some money on keeping my rig up to date. Yea, I put a decent Nvidia card in the junk box and may stick it in a build for my kid...
  6. blueridgedog

    Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB GPU In my Mac Pro

    My bad...assumed it was a hack.
  7. blueridgedog

    Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB GPU In my Mac Pro

    You have Lilu and Whatevergreen (latest) installed?
  8. blueridgedog

    Looking for a new motherboard for mac

    If you want to buy at the local shop, I suggest you get a list or make a list of the boards they have and search for builds here using that board. I used an H370 and am very satisfied, but even when I ordered it, it was getting harder and harder to find them.
  9. blueridgedog

    Switching to AMD

    I went with an RX570. Same chip as the 580, just clocked less and put the extra bucks into a new CPU. System is amazing compared to prior generations. My rule on leading edge graphics cards is don't. One generation back is 90% or more of the performance at only 50% of the cost.
  10. blueridgedog

    unable to boot without hdd installed

    Perhaps the 500g drive is defective and the system will not boot on it regardless of what is in the USB drive.
  11. blueridgedog

    Help me with my Hackintosh 2019 please.

    I picked up a RX570 for about $150 and it runs perfectly well. Given the future of Nvidia I made the plunge and you know what? It is so nice not to have to time my system updates around web driver releases. So, if you are selecting hardware, why not select hardware that is natively supported...
  12. blueridgedog

    Asus or Gigabyte motherboard?

    Having done each, I am back to Asus. Gigabyte has soured me on their boards with my last one. The bios was flaky, having been sent back once for "repair" under warranty during which they charged my to fix a bent pin on the CPU mount that was not there when shipped and eventually trashed when...
  13. blueridgedog

    hd 5830 Mojave available?
  14. blueridgedog

    Hackintosh and XCode

    You could just get one of these to get you out the door and working:
  15. blueridgedog

    Help with Motherboard - I5-8600k, RX 570 PULSE 8192MB, 32gb

    I just built a nearly identical setup parts wise: I like the H370. Not a lot of extra junk on the motherboard and two M.2 slots.
  16. blueridgedog

    Hackintosh and XCode

    I just build this: Not recommending it over others, but it meets my needs. Folks appear to be having an easier route with the Z370 boards, but this board was a good form factor and had two M.2 slots as well...
  17. blueridgedog

    Windows Install Alters Bios - impacts power management and sleep

    Okay, I installed Windows10 so my visiting kid could feed the overwatch addiction and in general I keep a working windows install as well as a LInux install. So, long story short, after installing Windows, sleep no longer worked in my Mojave build. Upon looking at the BIOS I found that...
  18. blueridgedog

    AMD RX 580 - Any brand is fine?

    Unrelated, but I went with a saphire 570. cheaper, similar specs and done.
  19. blueridgedog

    Buying Advice

    Coffee lake i3, using iGPU on any gigabyte or asus UEFI bios board that supports them should get you going.
  20. blueridgedog

    [SUCCESS] Asus Prime H370M-PLUS

    The instructions use OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi. I have no issues rebooting.