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  1. NacoSiren

    MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and Z170A Krait Gaming LGA 1151 Motherboard Pictures

    I got this mobo too and it's a total pain in the ass to install & config thunderbolt cards.
  2. NacoSiren

    [SOLVED] Problem with El Capitan after upgrade CPU

    May I know what "small interventions" have you made plz? Thanks!
  3. NacoSiren

    Need help getting HighPoint RocketRAID 644L to work

    Exact same question here. Cannot drive this card even with a real MacBook Pro w/ PCIe expansion
  4. NacoSiren

    BCM94350ZAE compatible? What about the BT 4.1?

    I also tried both BCM94352Z and BCM943602BAED on my NUC5i5MYHE, but only BCM94352Z gets detected and works fine. No idea if it's because BCM943602BAED has three antennas while I can only connect two of them, so it'd be nice if you could share which two you connected (out of J1, J2 & J3). Thanks!!
  5. NacoSiren

    High Sierra on NUC 3217BY, 3mb VRAM

    Wow I fixed it! Attaching my whole EFI to make your life (and whoever comes after this) easier:
  6. NacoSiren

    High Sierra on NUC 3217BY, 3mb VRAM

    Same here with DC3217BY. Having the same trouble with HD4000 and (what's worse) detecting Thunderbolt interface. :(