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  1. mrchow19910319

    DIY server/NAS for apple time machine.

    Does any one knows how to DIY a server/NAS that is compatible with apple's time machine?? I am using my macbook for studying as well as work. I am currently hooking a 2.5 inch HDD to my laptop so that I can have a time machine back up. But sometime it gets annoying. You didn't plug it firmly...
  2. mrchow19910319

    When can we use GTX10 series cards in our hackintosh??

    The GTX10 series graphics cards are out for a while already. I wonder when can we build our machine around it??? Now I think it is not the best time to buy GTX 9 series cards already... The price/performance ratio is just too low. What do you guys think??? Does Tonymacx plan to support GTX10...
  3. mrchow19910319

    ASUS Z97M PLUS does not support dell 2k display???

    I am using a Hackintosh that uses Asus Z97M Plus motherboard and a Dell P2416D 2k display. However after connected the monitor and the Hackintosh through a HDMI cable inside the display setting in OS X I could not find 2k option. It shows me 1080P is the maximum. What am I supposed to do?? MOBO...
  4. mrchow19910319

    ASUS Z97M-Plus failed????

    Hey guys, I am using all these component to try to build a hackintosh. Here are the parts: Asus z97M-plus i5-4460 8G of crucial Ram. The issue I am having is I cannot get into the installer... I tried -x -v and it shows me this message (see attachments). It said does not support this cpu...
  5. mrchow19910319

    Which old iMac or MacPro G5 or MacMini is worth buying??

    Hey, guys. When it comes to Mac, I am still a some what a newbie. I wanna consult you guys opinion because now I dont know what to choose or what I really want.:problem: I wanna buy a second hand Mac Pro/ iMac/ Mac Mini. Which model should I buy??? Here at China we have so many retailers that...
  6. mrchow19910319

    CPU Kernel panic??? Pleas help

    I am unable to install Yosemite on my Hackintosh. Here is my build: i7-4770. GA-H87-D3H. 16G of RAM. GTX 660 from Gigabyte. 1 SSD for OS X,1 for windows. I can't even get into the installer. I followed the official guide at our forum. Every time i always get the same kernel panic warning...
  7. mrchow19910319

    Duo Boot Hackintosh Build questions. Please Help!

    Hello Guys, this is my upcoming build. I am going to customize a duo-boot Hackintosh. 2 SSD for the operating systems. HDDs for the data as well as TimeMachine. At listed I have two questions I wanna ask. Any suggestions will help. Thanks! Components: • SSD1 120G OS X System • SSD2 120G...
  8. mrchow19910319

    (Help) Duo Boot System having issue.

    I am currently using a hackintosh that I built half a year ago, everything worked fine until yesterday. I installed windows 7 and Yosemite on two separate SSDs. Last night when I use my win7 , I clicked the gigabyte's app center update. ( I'm using gigabytes h87d3h motherboard) Then all the...
  9. mrchow19910319

    Yosemite works on GA- H87-D3H motherboard!

    I just installed Yosemite on my H87-D3H Hackintosh. In order to boot into the installer, you need to use 2 boot flags. -v -x I tried a couple of times in order to boot with no kernel panic errors. Good Luck to you guys!!!!! :lolno::lolno::lolno::headbang::headbang::headbang::P:P
  10. mrchow19910319

    Unable to boot Up after changing bootloader's background image.

    Just now I accidentally changed the background image of the boot loader. Now I cannot boot into OS X, it shows me this error: what am I supposed to do? I do have a time machine back up drive, can I just use uniBeast to install then clone the tim machine back up?? Thanks in advance.
  11. mrchow19910319

    Finder keeps crashing and restarting.

    After install Mavericks and win7 duo boot, my OS X is working fine except Finder keep crashing, I cant even copy a 5G movie to another drive, during copying because the finder restart, then the whole process stopped, leaving me a unreadable file. How am I going to fix this????
  12. mrchow19910319

    GA-H87-D3H Build encountered problem. Help. :x

    Hey guys, can anyone help me to solve this issue?? My build is : GA-H87-D3H mainboard. 2 DDR3 memory, one is 1333hz the other one is 1600hz (can this work??) i7-4770 3.4GHz CPU GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX660 PSU:Corsair RM650. SSD: Samsung 840EVO 120G HDD: 1) Seagate Barracuda 1 TB...
  13. mrchow19910319

    After using Liteicon I cannot change my icons back!!! HALP!!!

    A few months ago I use a software called Liteicon to change some of my system icons. Here's the result. However, now I am not able to change them back. I have tried the KillAllDock commend in terminal, it didn't help. Is there any other ways I can change them back...
  14. mrchow19910319

    Whooray~~~ 2014 new build. GA-H87-D3H.

    Hey Guys. I am about the build a hackintosh in a month time, hopefully when I purchase everything, I can slowly start working on it. However theres a few doubts I wan to mention.Here is my build: GA-H87-D3H motherboard. Graphic unti: Gigabyte GTX-660 intel I7-4770 3.4Ghz I am not gonna over...
  15. mrchow19910319

    WHOOayy. My second build: 2014, Gigabyte - H87-D3H build.

    Hey Guys. I am about the build a hackintosh in a month time, hopefully when I purchase everything, I can slowly start working on it. However theres a few doubts I wan to mention.Here is my build: GA-H87-D3H motherboard. Graphic unti: Gigabyte GTX-660 intel I7-4770 3.4Ghz...
  16. mrchow19910319

    Why every time i have to select which hard disk to boot from????

    Hey, guys. I am kind of new here. Yesterday i just change my original desktop to a hackintosh. I am using Acer PredatorG3610 Desktop, with a new upgraded graphic card (GIGA GTX660). I have 2 hard drive, One is the original hard drive inside my com, we call it HD1. The other one is a hard drive...