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  1. KalleKikkeli

    980ti & "weak" WoW Performance

    I just upgraded from a 950 to a 980 ti. The old card was capable of running wow on 4K with about 50fps. Now running the game with the new card with 4K, I am getting pretty much the same performance. Any idea what could be the reason? The card should be superior. Any reports I can send to...
  2. KalleKikkeli

    Graphics Glitches at Login Screen

    I just did a clean install of 10.12.2, everything is working ok, but I have a funny graphic glitch at the login screen, it goes away as I give my password and go into MacOS. Does anyone else experience this?
  3. KalleKikkeli

    Missing Operating System after Parallels installation gone south.

    Solved: Missing Operating System after Parallels installation gone south. Hello all, I have been running my hackintosh non-stop since I installed it last summer. Absolutely no problems and everything has been a dream. Today I faced an issue with a Business Process Modelling software that...
  4. KalleKikkeli

    El Capitan Z97X-UDH5 / i5 4690K / GTX 950 - SMBIOS problem

    Hello all, First of all thank you in advance for the help and the great community here in tonymacx86. I installed my first Hackintosh with the Installation Guide and have slowly learned to fix it. Now I have noticed that the pc is handled as a iMac. I believe this setup should be a Mac Pro...