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  1. Olli73

    Intel GMA950 in ASUS 1001HA & 10.6.8

    Hello fellow Hackintoshers, I´ve decided to hack my girlfriends 1001HA and succeeded in installing 10.6.8 on the machine. I managed to get almost everything working, the only thing that eludes me is wake from sleep. Although the machine goes to sleep just fine (manually), when it wakes up the...
  2. Olli73

    "Clamshell" iBook & Linux

    Hi All, I´ve got a question and i think this might be the right Forum to post. A few years back i got my hands on a Clamshell, a 366 MHz Graphite Special Edition. I put in a 80 GB HDD and maxed memory out (576 MB), then put Tiger on it. It runs quite well but internet is really sluggish. I...
  3. Olli73

    Where are they going?!?

    Hey people, i joined this community only very recently and got under my belt a first G4 Hack... I like to surf the many posts and there are so many interesting projects that are so astonishing in the way they are planed and put into reality. I´m a sucker for old classic Macs, the G3&G4...
  4. Olli73

    eMac questions

    Hey people, since i got my first hack running, i´ve given my venerable eMac to my girlfriend to use for writing papers, internet and watching DVDs. Now, even before i gave it away, something on the video-board started acting up and sometimes the screen goes black, but comes back once you give...
  5. Olli73

    Chimera v2.1

    Hello People, this may sound like a dumb question, but is there any special reason i should up-date to v2.1 Chimera? I don´t plan to go beyond 10.6.8 any time soon. Olli
  6. Olli73

    Apple Cinema HD Display (23"/ ADC)

    Hello there, I have my hack running and it´s inside a G4 PowerMac-Case. I´ve always wanted to buy an Apple Cinema HD Display (yes, the old one with the acrylics case). The other day i saw one on eBay for 50€, but one of the backlight-lamps is dead... Does anybody here have any experience in...
  7. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Hello fellow Power Mac modders, When it came to me that my venerable eMac was getting long on its teeth i began to think of what to do. I wanted to stay with OSX but new Apple-hardware was just too expensive for me... So, after some talk with colleagues i decided to go down Hackin´Tosh alley...
  8. Olli73

    GA-Q77M-D2H & Snow Leopard (Must fail?)

    I´ve run into a bit of a problem with my installation... Here´s my set-up: • GA-Q77M-D2H • i5-2500K, 3.3GHz • Asus GeForce 210 Silent/DI/1GD3/V2(LP) Now, as my title mentions, this is to run Snow Leopard permanent for now. I got the board cheap from a friend who couldn`t use it after all in...
  9. Olli73

    Powermac G4 Project - Components compatibility

    Hello Forum, I finally decided to do a G4 Powermac case-mod (i know, another one...), while i´m pretty confident in my handiwork, i´m not quite sure if the components i picked are compatible for what i want them to do. First my list: - GA-Q77M-D2H (mATX for the G4 case) - Intel i3 2125 - ASUS...