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  1. borediniraq

    HS WiFi before login

    is the preferred method to get WiFi before login still using a 802.1x profile created with Apple configuratior?
  2. borediniraq

    ALC255 Distorted Headphone Audio

    Issue & Scenario: -Distorted audio on headphone port -Run kextstat, no CodecCommander.kext found -Load CodecCommander.kext from S/L/E using kextload after I'm booted up....everything works perfect, no other changes needed. -Reboot -Run kextstat, no CodecCommander.kext found -Copy...
  3. borediniraq

    Almost Done! Need help with 2 issues

    Almost done with the Dell Optiplex 7050 Micro build. So far most of it is working great except for 3 issues.... 1. Sleeps great! Wake, not so much. No video on wake. 2. Audio only on audio out with headphones/speakers. NO audio on HDMI or internal speaker. I've messed around with a few things...
  4. borediniraq

    Help! Dell Optiplex 7050 MFF

    Disclaimer: I'm a complete noob at building hackintosh systems, but I learn fast! I have a Dell Optiplex 7050 Micro Form Factor that I'd like to install High Sierra (or any compatible MacOS) on. I can get as far as a kernel panic turning on the Dell SMBios option and injecting Intel HD630...