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  1. corvinon

    Imac post very long

    Hello I explain, The Power On Self Test of my Imac, becomes eternal. Then, enter os x and work perfectly. I have changed the ram, etc, etc, ... Passed Apple hardware test with no error. If I restart, a long beep sounds. If I turn off before the carrillon sounds, that long sound does not sound...
  2. corvinon

    Defective graphics card???

    Hello everybody It is a 24-inch Imac of 2007 Symptoms: when opening Face time, green dots appear and some flash of the same color, the same happens when in system preferences I use the camera to make an image for the profile. The temperatures I think are normal Leopard and snow leopard do not...
  3. corvinon

    Lcd iMac 2006 intel 20"

    Hello everyone I got an intel imac 2006 20 inches with broken motherboard. And I would like to know if the lcd works or not. Would there be any way to make it work without the motherboard? Maybe by sending the corresponding voltages to the inverter? Thanks for the help
  4. corvinon

    Imac G4 Monitor for now

    Hello everyone For now I will have it as a monitor, later with time and money, I will finish it completely. I had thought of a mini pc, type intel nuc or similar. I know that when I continue with the Hack, I will have the great help of all of you. A greeting for all the components of this great...
  5. corvinon

    Ga-z77x-ud5h usb3

    Hello everyone All my USB2 and USB3 ports are shown in profile system. When I connect a device usb3 , this works at speeds usb3 ... everything perfect, but if you restart the system, shows him as me usb2 , I have to eject and re- insert . What's going on? Thanks and regards.
  6. corvinon

    ASUS GTX 650 ECO 2GB DDR5 4 Port

    Hello, I have a GTX 650 2GB DDR5 Asus Eco has three HDMI / VGA / div port and instead shows me that has 4 ....... Why ? Thank you
  7. corvinon

    G4 quicksilver mod motherboard

    Hi all, I'm doing a G4 Mod, and would like to make a seemingly easy question, but that has paralyzed me in this project. That ye used to attach the motherboard to the swing door? (Brackets) Thank you very much from Spain
  8. corvinon

    Freezings after multibeast

    Hello, I am having freezings after installing multibeas, mouse and keyboard do not answer and clock for. Before installing it and starting with the Usb, this does not happen. I have used clover and with it does not happen either. I73770k-ga-z77x-ud5h. Translated in the web, I do not speak...
  9. corvinon

    G5 without panel opening

    Hi, I just bought a G5 for 10 euros to use the pieces and front and rear panels for my current G5, I thought best to make another mod, but does not bring opening panel, you perhaps with metraquilato or aluminum foil could be well , ..... any other ideas? Thank you all.
  10. corvinon

    ssdt need or no?

    Hello, I do not control this topic. Do they believe necessarily the creation of a SSDT for my? And would it have some type of improvement in the performance with his creation? Thank you very much and a greeting front España.
  11. corvinon

    G5 mod MacCorvinon

    Hello, this one is my first Mod. I had bought a completely functional G5, I was several days proving it (I have never had original Mac), but I come the hour of his end and it was going on to better life. Not queria a lot of money to become exhausted in the transformation, so I decided to take...