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  1. athei

    Gigabyte Titan Ridge Firmware update fails

    I have the GC-TitanRidge on my Asrock board and it works fine with some minor nits under Windows and macOS with my LG Ultrafine. Gigabyte released a new firmware (B20.0320.1 from 2020/03/26) for the card and I tried to install it and was greeted with this error when starting the flash tool...
  2. athei

    [Solved] Reboot on shutdown (sometimes) and slow shutdown/reboot

    I just built a new hack with 10.13.6. Most things are working but shutdown and restart has issues. 1. When I shutdown or restart it always takes very long (around 10s) after the kernel halted before the computer shuts off or restarts. Just a black screen with fans going up until the process...
  3. athei

    Kernel boot stalls very early (Z390 + i9-9900K)

    I am trying to install macOS 10.13.6 (fresh installer from the store) on a Samsung 970 Evo nvme Disk. My problem is that when booting the installer from clover that the kernel stops very early in the boot process: The last line that looks like an error is: AppleNVMEeAssertFailed: (0 != data)...
  4. athei

    Which Z370/Z390 boards have a unlocked MSR 0xE2 register?

    I can only say for sure that Asrock Boards have them because it is documented in the manual (cfg lock). Do all of the manufacturers have it unlocked? If I understand correctly it is pretty important for having proper power management.
  5. athei

    Garbled screen instead of login window after upgrading to GTX 1080

    My hack was working perfectly with the GTX 660Ti with OOB drivers and without injection. But the time came to upgrade the dated graphics because I boot into Windows for gaming. I just just plugged in the new card and tried to boot into my old macOS 10.13.4. It started the kernel but did not got...
  6. athei

    Detect Rear Output as Headphone [ALC887]

    My mainboard has 3 Pins at the rear (blue, green, red) and two at the front (red,green). I use layout-id 1. When I plugin my headphones into the front pin everything is OKAY -> The "Internal Speakers" Output becomes "Headphones" and the Volume and sound is nice. When I plug them into the back...
  7. athei

    DSDT/ACPI warnings in kernel log (Sierra)

    I was inspecting the kernel logs because I was testing the new AppleALC kext with sierra. While this was going fine I found these bad boys in my kernel log: ACPI Warning: \134_SB_.PCI0.PEGP.GFX0._DSM: ACPI Warning: \134_SB_.PCI0.PEGP.GFX0._DSM: Argument #4 type mismatch - Found [Buffer], ACPI...
  8. athei

    DSDT Patcj won't compile

    I have a GA-Z77-DS3H and I applied the pjalm all in one patch with maciASL but when I try to compile I get "object does not exist (OSDW)".
  9. athei

    GA-Z77-DS3H - Kernel Panic on waking up

    I have Mountain Lion 10.8.3 running on this board with a Geforce GTX660TI. Everything works fine except waking up from sleep. Going to sleep works but then I wake the computer up using the power button. That works too. I see the login screen but can't type. Then after 3 seconds (doesn't matter...
  10. athei

    Getting rid of firmware updates in AppStore

    App Store is offering me "Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.0". Obviously I must not installe this update (possibly breaking my firmware?). How do I make the AppStore think I have already installed the update? I use clover without smbios section (automatically set to imac 12,2).
  11. athei

    oob working Ethernet card?

    Is there any OOB working on ML (with AppleDrivers) PCI(E) ethernet gigabit card?
  12. athei

    FakeSmc injection

    As far as I see the clover installer does not automatically inject FakeSmc.kext. So booting OS X without a FakeSmc.kext in /S/L/E from USB (first time boot after the installation) is not possible with a clover standard config, isn't it? So how do I inject it?
  13. athei

    Does UEFI work with chimera?

    Is it possible to boot the OS X partition (i.e chimera) with a UEFI or it es necessary to use bios compatibility for all the stuff to work (dsdt etc.)? What about the installation? Should I use mbr(bios) or guid(uefi) for the stick?
  14. athei

    Msi z77a-gd80 Thunderbolt Graphics

    I have this board and an Ivy Bridge CPU with Intel HD4000 + Radeon HD6850. My Apple Thunderbolt Display will be connected to the Thunderbolt Output of the Board (i.e connected to the HD4000). Will OS X detect both graphics and automatically switch to the dedicated graphics when necessary but...