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  1. 1and1get2

    no longer able to adjust brightness after upgrading to mojave

    I'll post the debug files later but anyone facing the same issue? using the same clover files (and kexts that are installed to mac partition), 10.13 has no issue at all.
  2. 1and1get2

    HD4600 laptop enabling second DP (LCD + HDMI + 2 * DP setup)

    Sorry for posting it at the wrong place. I managed to get both first DP and HDMI working following guides from Rehabman and Toleda and many others. But I still have no luck enabling the second display port. It seems I can either enough DP1 + HDMI or DP2 (with messed up framebuffer-portnumber...
  3. 1and1get2

    modified clover with edid patch to fix boot second stage garbled screen

    this is the modified version of clover, patches EDID on the fly to eliminate the infamous second stage garbled screen issue, tested on my HD4600 laptop usage: 1. remove any modification under /System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides 2. use plist editor add corresponding items...
  4. 1and1get2

    [solved] lcd won't light up waken from sleep with resolution patch (

    I can use remote desktop to access so seems everything else works fine except for the display. once the patch is removed my lcd works as usual. (however I do miss the slightly bigger resolution) anyone else had the same issue?