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  1. ElfinHilon10

    DSDT creation issues and weird kernel panic at start up.

    So I've been following mostly Rehabman's guides and this guide for my specific laptop: Note, I do have the exact same specs as this laptop (i7-8550U, 16GB of RAM, 4K screen and even the...
  2. ElfinHilon10

    Sub 500$ hackintosh?

    This is going to primarily used for programming and development. Any one have any good guides on where to start for something? I'm also partial to a small build (mini-ITX). Only real requirements are HDMI2.0/DisplayPort and mini-ITX for portability. I also do not need a dedicated GPU, nor do I...
  3. ElfinHilon10

    Finally got everything except for 4K... And I can't see my screen now.

    So I got everything working. I installed the pixel patch to be able to get 4K screen, and it went black. I got nothing. I can't seem to boot back into mac OS X because as soon as the bar is about half way through, it'll go black so I can't see where I am. Is there anyway to fix this? Both being...
  4. ElfinHilon10

    GA-Z170N-WIFI with a GTX 1080 (Please help!)

    I purchased the GA Z170N-WIFI board and just realized that the board can only support 4K at 24Hz. I also purchased a GTX 1080 to use while in Windows. I have a few questions with out the interaction will work. 1. First and foremost, where do I need to plug the HDMI cable into? The motherboard...
  5. ElfinHilon10

    Advice for a motherboard?

    I was purchasing a Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI motherboard for overclocking and to follow ammoulders guide with the H170-WIFI. I just looked into more research, and found out that the Z170N-WIFI cannot support 60Hz on HDMI and there is no display port. I'm also reading that, that specific...
  6. ElfinHilon10

    Intel HD 530 4K?

    I am really confused on what is and isn't supported with the Intel HD 530. Is it possible to get 4K video through an HDMI cable using the HD 530? I'm planning on buying a GTX 1070, which currently isn't supported (as is my understanding anyway), so I'd have to rely on the HD 530 while in macOS...
  7. ElfinHilon10

    My build for OS X El Capitan/Sierra

    Hey guys! I am back for round two. This time I'm trying to create a media PC in my living, with some occasional gaming in the living room when I have people over.I would like to ask a few questions before I start buying pieces, so here goes: I see on the Buyer's guide that the GPU's listed are...
  8. ElfinHilon10

    UGH! More MultiBeast Problems.. Could anyon PLEASE help me!?

    Hey guys. So I have to redo my lack mac os x install, because there were numerous problems. This time I've figured out how to do a user DSDT without getting a black screen, and I can enable my video card to work as well. What I'm having problems with now, is the audio. Any solutions? What...
  9. ElfinHilon10

    GUIDE! H67M-D2-B3 if-2400, radeon 6850.

    Hey guys! So I got my hackintosh working, and I wanna give back to this community by writing a guide on how I did my hackintosh! While I am currently not writing this on my hackintosh (at work XD) I can assure what I did SHOULD work. So without further adeu, let me begin! 1. Configure your...
  10. ElfinHilon10

    How to enable 64-bit mode?

    So I've been trying for the 2-3 hours to get my hackintosh to accept my 8gb of RAM, but something always seems to happen, whether it's or a kernel panic, or I just plainly cannot access some of my folders while in mac os. Any help?
  11. ElfinHilon10

    millionth time trying multibeast. please help! :(

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out which options I select for multibeast to make it load to mac OS X by default and to make my audio/graphics/network to work. My specs are as follows: Motherboard: GA-H67M-D2-B3 CPU: i5-2400 sandy bridge (3.2GHz) GPU: Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 (from what I...
  12. ElfinHilon10

    Kernel Panics! HELP PLEASE!

    I am continually getting Kernel Panics when ever I do the combo update. I have repaired my permissions and everything and I still get them. Please help! P.S. Please delete my old thread.
  13. ElfinHilon10

    H67M-D2-B3 iBoot Problems

    Hey guys! So I've finally purchased my hackintosh! I've run into a number of problems since starting, but this one has me caught up. When ever I try to put an iBoot CD into computer to try to start, I get an error reading "DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DICK AND PRESS ENTER" I have gone...
  14. ElfinHilon10

    New Hackintosh build. Need advice ASAP!!

    Hey guys! New thread here. I've gone back and updated a number of things from my old hackintosh build. Now I am in urgent need of this hackintosh (for class) and would like some reviews asap. If you have a better piece, go ahead and write it, but I'm mainly here to see if the parts are...
  15. ElfinHilon10

    My possible Hackintosh Build with a few questions. :D

    Hello! I just recently registered to this forum and am now here seeking advice from people who are much smarter than me! I currently have this build: Case: Motherboard...