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  1. birkley

    Skylake Laptop HD530 graphics kernel panics

    I've been hitting my head against a brick wall for the past week, and I'm wondering if anyone could help solve my graphics problems. Anyone have similar issues? Here's my story the best that I can recall: Got automatically updated to 10.12.4. After booting, it would just fade to a 'black...
  2. birkley

    Skylake HD530 problems

    OK, I'm having issues with HD530 on my new laptop. It boots up with the HD530 qe/ci working with 1536MB, but my issues are with artifacts on the left side of the menu bar and HDMI out not working properly. WHAT IS WEIRD is that, occasionally like 1 in 10 boot ups, it boots up perfectly fine with...
  3. birkley

    Lenovo z580 Yosemite Install

    Hey all, I upgraded to Yosemite without much changes between Mavericks (nor Mountain Lion). I'm fully operational! The only things I had to worry about were, again, Bluetooth and Audio because of my modified kexts. Because Yosemite will NOT allow unsigned/modified kexts to load naturally...
  4. birkley

    Forked VoodooPS2Controller, Keyboard, Trackpad

    Hello world, I've got a synaptics trackpad where the trackpad overlaps the physical buttons. This essentially breaks drag n drop, right click, and left click. Using Rehabman's VoodooPS2Controller bug fixes, improvements, and github code that he inherited, I've hacked the living **** out of...
  5. birkley

    iTunes playback error: garbled image. AVF error: Gen7IntelGVAScheduleAVDCommands, TT err = 5

    I can't play rented movies in iTunes, and I'm not sure why. I can play other ripped movies (m4v format) in iTunes, and all VLC movies work fine Any ideas anyone? 2012-12-28 5:47:37.831 PM iTunes[356]: AVF error: Gen7IntelGVAScheduleAVDCommands, TT err = 5
  6. birkley

    (Synaptic) Trackpad/Touchpad - Getting physical button working with gestures

    Hi, does anyone have their trackpad working WITH gestures AND their trackpad buttons? I have a synaptic trackpad on my laptop, and I either have gestures working WITHOUT the physical button (really annoying for drag n drop). OR my trackpad operates as a mouse where the button does work but then...
  7. birkley

    [Work In Progress] Lenovo Z580 ML Installation

    [Guide] Lenovo Z580 ML Installation Hey all, here's a guide of how to get Mountain Lion 10.8.5 working on a Lenovo Z580. I have an Intel i7-3612QM with HD4000, 1TB HD, 8GB memory. My system is working very well; every Z580 appears to be built with varying hardware, so some users have less...
  8. birkley

    Installer cannot see/find hard drive Lenovo z580

    I took a risk and bought an ivy laptop - Lenovo z580, 8gb memory, 1tb hard drive, hd4000 graphics. I've installed onto a few desktops already, but getting my laptop running has been very very hard. The problem I'm finding is very weird behavior recognizing my hard drive with the OSX installer...