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  1. coronaflyest

    Asus MVG + Clover Bootloader

    I decided to install clover to fix the iMessage issue, I fixed that part, I was excited. I am using a custom dsdt and I lost hdmi audio, I wanted to expirence a full uefi boot so I changed the setting in bios to uefi only and I get an error at boot saying my boot device doesnt support ufei.
  2. coronaflyest

    System Freeze try this

    So my hackintosh has been freezing and locking up, sometimes I can move the mouse other times it's just the pin wheel, I moved the ram to other slots and now is a lot better in about this mac it didn't show ddr3 and now it does, Geek bench used to say 16 gb 0 mhz and now I see the 1600 mhz ddr3...
  3. coronaflyest

    Video Card that supports full screen at boot

    I'm still within my return policy for a full refund on my asus 650 ti, I'm looking to wither upgrade or stay within the same category sleep/wake and hdmi audio work fine with the Gtx 650 ti but I don't like how I can't get full screen at boot like when using the intel hd 4000. Which cards will...
  4. coronaflyest

    Boot times fast as 8 secs, as long 1 min

    Sometimes my hackintosh boots up like in about 8 secs after post, but at times it can take over 1 minute anyway to correct this issue.
  5. coronaflyest

    Gtx 650ti Full screen or overscan at boot

    This will be my first hakintosh everything seems to be working ok, I'm a little disappointed that when I use the the Gtx 650 graphics I have a black boarder on boot, and when I boot from the internal Graphics hd 4000 I get a perfect screen with no boarders is there any way to fix this or change it.
  6. coronaflyest

    Mac Pro Case Mod

    I've read most threads regarding Power Mac G5 and all the Mac Pro Case mods I can find. I know what I'm getting my self into but a Mac Pro case is what I'm going for, I just purchased a new 2006 Mac Pro Case all the original wiring is included except for the PSU. I'm not going to be using a...