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  1. Zachwest

    Overclocking i7 3770k

    Should I increase the voltage to achieve a 4.5ghz overclock? And if so to what?
  2. Zachwest

    EVGA GeForce GT 640

    is the EVGA GeForce GT 640 a compatible card?
  3. Zachwest

    Hard drive upgrade Problems.

    hello, I just made my first hackintosh a month or so ago and I cant stand the slow speeds of my boot drive so im purchasing an OCZ Agility 3 to use as my boot drive, but I've lost my Unibeast thumb drive so can i restore from a time machine backup of lion using iboot and the snow leopard...
  4. Zachwest

    stuck on the apple boot screen.

    i just built my system and i'm trying to put lion on it but every time I boot into my UniBeast USB drive it freezes on the apple boot screen. Please Help.