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  1. kevinjimenez03

    Slow Performance when Watching Video On Internet

    I have GTX 760 GraphicsEneble=No Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H ML 10.8.5 Please Help got slow perform when using my graphic card EX when i watching youtube video can't stop it cuz pc runs slow any ideas why this?
  2. kevinjimenez03

    Need to Boot Without -x Using Evga GTX670 ML 10.8.3

    Please help, I got my GTX670 on Hackintosh but I only can boot with -x SAFEMODE... Can Someone help me to boot without safemode on, Im using ML 10.8.3... Please Help
  3. kevinjimenez03

    My youtube Video and Internet are Flashing

    I have a problem dealing with GTX670, can get it to boot without -x, went back to motherboard graphic card " Z77X UH3D " boot ok but still no youtube video and flashes white in internet pages any ideas
  4. kevinjimenez03

    Need Help To Set Up NVDIA GeFORCE GTX 670 On 10.2.3

    can seem to work out properly my Nvidia GTX 670 on 10.2.3 When Boot it just stay on the white page that does circle and circle and circle.... Can someone help me how to instal a GTX 670 on 10.2.3 z77x-UH3D iCore i5 GTX 670 please help to get the gtx full running
  5. kevinjimenez03

    NEED Help for Multibeast Set UP on Z77x UD3H

    I need Help to set up well the multibeast drivers for a Z77X UD3H.... I have i5 and EVGA GTX670 Just need to set up the drivers for multibeast I got the card up and running I google it and found tutorials on youtube to set up the GTX670 but im having troble with maybe BIOS or Multibeast...
  6. kevinjimenez03

    Need Help for Multibeast Set UP Please...

    System Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H iCore i5 Nvdia GTX670 16gb Ram (4x4gb)So I install the Montain Lion flawless with onboard motherboard graphics with no problem, I did the update to 10.8.3, intall multibeast, then I did the tutorial for adding my graphic card GTX670 i reboot it and the first time it...