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  1. Kraft2k

    Seeking advice for High-End machine

    Greetings fellow hackintoshers, I have been silent on the scene the past 2-3 years due to some personal developments and have fallen a bit behind. I have set-up many hackintosh's, and quite a few of them for my brother, which he makes music with. Luckily, the last one i did for him (a...
  2. Kraft2k

    [Q] Adding Thunderbolt to existing Hackintosh

    Is this possible? are they supported? was thinking of getting something similar to this:
  3. Kraft2k

    GPU or Display Issues?

    Hi lads, I am not sure whether i have a GPU or Display issue. Ever since i upgraded to ML from Lion, i could not get my Dual Monitor setup to work, and even if one of them is on only, the resolutions show very strangely. My Build is as follows: GA z87x-UD3H i7 4770k GeForce 430 1GB 32GB RAM...
  4. Kraft2k

    Hackintosh Migration - Sandy Bridge to Haswell

    Hi lads, I have a 10.7.5 Hackie which i use for Audio Production. The motherboard has started to behave weirdly and i have chosen to do a major upgrade, though my only problem is compatibility while i upgrade. I just got hold of a Z87X-OC and an i7 4770k, however my old system as you've...
  5. Kraft2k

    Chromebook Pixel

    Got surprised the other day with this release, apart from having an old-school display ratio and an unfair price, a bios that you can modify? seems useful for this community, the specs show familiar hardware :)...
  6. Kraft2k

    HP HDX 16 - Minor annoyances

    HP HDX 16 - HDMI Audio and WiFi help needed I had this piece of hardware laying around lately due to a faulty LCD Screen making very annoying power noises, i wasnt feeling investing any money on it, and i decided to finally give it an OS X touch since i wasnt using it as my main machine. The...