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  1. mikiotty

    Solved > AMD GPU advice

    Hello everyone, I'm about to buy a new GPU for my hackintosh. I currently have a R9 280, which is working out of the box. I'd like an RX590, but I don't know which one is compatible with Mojave. Do you have any advices? Thank you!
  2. mikiotty

    Solved > Vega 64 + Apple Wi-Fi card

    Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I bough the BCM94331CD card for my hackintosh to enable native WiFi. I used the iMac 14,2 SMBIOS since I built this system and never had an hiccup. I then bought a Radeon Vega 64 and got the 12912 error when exporting in h264 in Final Cur or QuickTime. I followed...
  3. mikiotty

    SOLVED! - High Sierra boot volume not showing up after install

    Hi! I upgraded my Sierra install with the installer from the Mac App Store. I first updated Clover to 2.4k_4220, then copied apfs.efi in drivers64UEFI, ran the installer, rebooted once. Showed me the install progress and rebooted again. This time, it proceeded through the install and rebooted...
  4. mikiotty

    Nvidia Quadro K620 - El Capitan

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to know if I can use the Nvidia Quadro K620 in OS X El Capitan and if yes, which drivers/kexts I have to install? Thank you!