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  1. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Need ioreg dump of MacBook Pro 15,4

    I am trying to write/rewrite some SSDTs. I am also trying to mimic the MacBook Pro 15,4 model. Could someone please share the IOReg dump of this model. If possible, if ACPI tables are also available then also available then it is even better. If MacBook Pro 15,4 is not available, then for the...
  2. aylamrin

    Solved > [HELP]: Keyboard Fn Key toggle without using Karabiner

    I am using Catalina 10.15.2 on Dell Inspiron 5370. While my F Keys work, the current default state is toggled, i.e. the standard behavior is the expected behavior after pressing Fn+Key. I am using VoodooPS2Controller 2.1.2. Could someone advise me something to toggle this behavior, without...
  3. aylamrin

    Solved > iStat 6.40 and OpenCore 0.5.6

    Hi all, I have been using iStat 6.40 with Clover and Opencore 0.5.5 both on my Desktop and Laptop. While using VirtualSMC+SMCProcessor I get values in the menu bar. But I have recently compiled the latest OpenCore 0.5.6 and since then, I am not getting CPU temperature anymore. Could someone...
  4. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Laptop randomly freezes and is not recoverable

    I'm experiencing random freezes while using my hack. This has happened both with and without Safari being used while the crash happened. The laptop completely freezes, and is not recoverable. The only way to get out of this is to long press the Power Button, and restarting the laptop. Has...
  5. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Anyone had success with UHD 620 HDMI audio?

    I'm using a DELL Inspiron 5370 which is a 0x5917 spoofed as 0x5916. I am getting a very unstable audio (almost non-existent) over HDMI. I have audio over Internal speakers and I also have HDMI audio in windows. If anyone was able to get HDMI audio working with UHD 620, (0x5916 or 0x5917)...
  6. aylamrin

    [NEED ADVICE]: MacBook Air 8,1 SMBIOS

    Hi, Has anyone tried the new MacBook Air 8,1 (the latest MacBook Air) SMBIOS? If so, what is your experience?
  7. aylamrin

    [NEED ADVICE]: On choosing the best SMBIOS option

    I am running Mojave on a DELL Inspiron 5370. It has a Kaby Lake-R 8250u @1.6 GHz, with UHD620 . I have tried MacBook Pro 14,2 and MacBook Pro 15,2. But what is the best SMBIOS option for a good performance, Speed Shift, battery etc.?
  8. aylamrin

    [FEATURE REQUEST]: 3 finger dragging for VoodooPS2Controller

    I am not sure if there are others who would want this feature on their Synaptics trackpads, but perhaps @RehabMan could give it a thought !!!
  9. aylamrin

    [solved] External drives not ejected properly after sleep

    I have recently upgraded to Mojave and I am facing this issue with my USB ports. Whenever I plug in an External Drive and put the laptop on sleep, after waking up it shows that External Drive was not ejected properly. Now I tried a few Clover Hotpatches: 1. H_EC --> EC, problem remains 2...
  10. aylamrin

    [HELP]: ALC295 no sound through headphones with AppleALC

    I tried using AppleALC 1.2.8 as well as 1.3.0 I can see the Internal Speakers in Sys Pref, and iTunes plays the songs well. However, when I plug in headphones, the output device shows Headphones, but no sound through headphones. (I tested with a couple of headphones, Klipsch S4 and Sennheiser...
  11. aylamrin

    [solved] [HELP]: Please help me remap Brightness Keys

    @RehabMan : I am using using a DELL Inspiron 5370, with UHD 620. I was able to get the brightness slider, but I am unable to map the Brightness keys F11 and F12. Could you please help me? I will include the problem reporting files in the next post, then.
  12. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Need help with Brightness Control and enabling HDMI audio

    Hello All, I am using DELL Inspiron 5370, with Kaby Lake-R. My UHD 620 is working and I can connect the HDMI to the TV. However, I would need help with the following issues: 1. I have enabled Audio with AppleALC (as cloverALC won't support ALC295) and Lilu. But I am unable to get HDMI audio...