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  1. arugula-375

    NSInternalInconsistencyException duplicate boot uuid

    Don't get too excited, I have no solutions for you. I just have the exact same problem as you. With excatly the same exception (and stack trace). Did you find any solutions yourself yet?
  2. arugula-375

    Duplicate boot uuid detected?

    @bobfandango I tried your solution about a week a go, but it did nothing to improve my situation unfortunately. Happy that it works for you though. Anyone had any luck with anything else?
  3. arugula-375

    Duplicate boot uuid detected?

    I still have this very same problem. And it mostly happens when waking up from sleep or rebooting which freezes or reboots my computer. Stack trace is quite the same.. systemstats chrash, NSInternalInconsistencyException and 'duplicate boot uuid detected'. I tried changing the drive UUID...
  4. arugula-375

    [SOLVED]Z77X-UD5H freezing during youtube and video playback [ML]

    Z77X-UD5H freezing during youtube and video playback [ML] Changing from Mac Mini to Mac Pro 3,1 worked for me too! I had exact same symptoms with GT 640. Thank you!
  5. arugula-375

    ALC889 AppleHDA.kext (10.7.x Lion)

    Hello, I have GA-Z68AP-D3, which should have ALC889. I tried your DSDT mod + cleared all kext + used your kext (running 10.7.2). And it works :) The problem is, that my mobo only has 3 ports (red, green and blue)(+2 front). They get detected as: internal speakers (working) line out (not...